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Menteith Fishery



Lake of Menteith Report 23rd June  

Gateside Bay:Temperature at 6ft -  17C, Water Clarity 4m on the secchi disk. The Lake is entering its usual summer phase of maximum water clarity. This is due to the establishment of a stable summer stratification in the water column. The resultant lack of mixing of the water column allows for the nutrients in the surface layer to be used which restricts algal growth. Last year we had no very clear conditions in summer which was unusual. It is nice to see our usual high clarity early summer phase returning. Water temperatures are also reasonable (at the moment) and the fish are close to the surface and to be found at the fringes and also further out. Washing line tactics with small buzzers and booby have been effective in attracting the fish up – and is a very enjoyable fishing method. Dry flies have also been working. The forecast is for temperatures to be on the rise so we can expect the fish perhaps to move out of the shallow bays (if the forecast is correct) but if the clarity remains excellent they should still come up if enticed.
Last week we had the annual visit of our old pals Jon Marshall and John Mees of Anglian Water to run the heats and Scottish Finals of the Anglian Water Airflo 6 Person Team International. We had some quite rough conditions with gradually improving clarity. In the day final Thalasa AC (Pictured left; left to right) Stuart Malcomson, Ronnie Turnbull, Kenny Wilson, Agnes Thomas, Steve Nicholl and Derek Purves) finished top of the pack. Also qualifying from the day heats were Change A and Neilston AC. Port Glasgow AC (pictured below left, l to r,are Jon Marshall (Anglian Water Fisheries Manager), Greg Ainsworth, David McAllister, George Martin, Stewart McCabe, Willie fulton, Derek Barclay, Robert Baldi (Saltire AC – heaviest fish), John Mees (Grafam Head Warden))) won the evening final with Gargunnock also qualifying. 

In the 7th Heat of the Scottish Club Championships Sponsored by the Daily Record, Angling Centre Stirling and Famous Grouse Whisky, the 51 anglers landed 101 fish for 204lbs. First placed were Strathleven (Forbes, Morgan and Batchelor) AC with 12 fish, 2nd placed were Change B (Leach, McBride, Crawford) with 12 fish and 3rd were Balfron Pisc. (Kyle, Hayward, Robertson) 10 fish.  There were 8 bag limits (again). The top four bags who are guaranteed Champion of Champion’s Finalists  are Archie Blair, C.Morgan, John Tullet and D.Marklow. The other 4 anglers (Walker, McBride, Hayward and Crawford) will have to wait to see if they make the cut. Winners, top rod and heaviest fish received bottles of Famous Angler (Grouse) Whisky.

On the 6th night of the Angling Centre Stirling Menteith Boat League the 28 anglers landed 51 fish for 108lbs with 3 limit bags. First on the night was George Whyte, 2nd S.Littlejohn and 3rd A.Dunn. Robbie Mather who finished in 12th position remains top of the League.For heat results and league placings see the boat league results on the website.    Quint Glen (Mgr).