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Lake of Menteith Report 11th May

Gateside Bay:Temperature at 6ft - 15C, Water Clarity 2.4m on the secchi disk.

It is great to see the anglers back after our recent two week closure as a result of fish losses suffered. The experts have concluded that a “spring turnover” which brings up harmful compounds from the deep (unoxidised sediments) was the most likely cause. The compounds (e.g. hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, iron or organic structures) are known to cause severe damage to fish gills and the fish died from lack of oxygen as a result. The good news is that the fish were able to swim away from the problem, the gills recover quite quickly, and that top veterinary opinion has passed the fish as fit for consumption (see attached article). It is a very infrequent event in any one loch (a deep area is required) and is largely due to the combination of many unusual past and present meteorological circumstances. Similar events have happened in Scotland to other lochs but as they are not as high profile as the Lake the media is less interested.

With regard to the fish loss incident on the 23rd and 24th April most of the clubs that were out on these days have been contacted and offered a free day fishing as recompense. We are having a little difficulty contacting some individuals so if these anglers could contact our booking office they can also arrange for a free day.

Some days in May were cancelled by clubs as they were unsure as to when we would be re-opening and had to re-arrange. We therefor have unexpected availability on the 22nd May (19 boats available) and Saturday 23rd May (11 boats available).

We stocked last week and re-opened on Saturday the 9th. Catches were excellent with stockies and overwintered fish (and pike) being netted in most areas with Lochend, Reedy Point, Gateside Bay, Hotel Bay and the Butts being the areas most reported.  On Saturday the 23 boats (1 club had re-located prior to the lake announcing re-opening) landed around 180 fish. On Sunday all 30 boats were out and bagged 142 fish and returned a further 129. The catches have ranked up there with the best ever type days – the fish were averaging 2-2 1/2lbs. Saturday was wild and very wet and anglers were pulling nymphs, on Sunday it calmed down and the buzzer was deployed to best effect. There has indeed been a big buzzer hatch as evidence by the numerous shucks and airborne buzzers in the evenings. Anglers are reporting plenty of fry in and around the reeds.

The 1st Heat of the Scottish Club Championships Sponsored by the Daily Record, Angling Centre Stirling and Famous Grouse Whisky - also took place at the Lake on Saturday night. The 39 anglers caught 67 fish for 143lbs. In first place were Grizzlecats with 13 fish for 26lbs 10oz, 2nd were Shell Mossmorran with 12 fish and 3rd were Troon AC with 10 fish. Through to the Champion of Champion’s Final are D.Paterson (Grizzlecats) who bagged up in 1hr at Lochend with nymphs and a midge tip, Ian Watson (Aberdour) 5 fish limit, Alan Hill (Grizzlecats) also bagged up within the hour  and Garry Tighe of Shell Mossmorran also with 5 fish. The winners, top rod and heaviest fish (Ian Watson/David Paterson) received special bottles of Grouse Whisky (pictures next week).