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Menteith Fishery




The Water temperature and clarity at Gateside is 14.0 C and 2.3m and recent wind direction has been from the west.

117th SANA National Championship Final Results
The new Scottish Champion fly fisher is Stevie Nicoll (pictured with trophy) from the Crook of Devon and Thalassa Angling Club. Stevie netted 14 fish. 2nd was Keith Logan of North Berwick AC with 11 fish (2nd from right) and third was Stevie Leask (far left) of Neilston FF also with 11 fish. Stan Headley of SANACC (on right) presented the trophy. The 48 anglers weighed in 140 fish for 307lbs (3 fish limit) and returned a further 149 fish; giving a rod average of 6.02 fish. The cut off for qualification to the national team was 13lbs 10oz and the  next Scotland squad comprise; S.Nicoll, K.Logan, S.Leask, R.Maxwell, C.Morgan, K.Neri, A.Porteous, J.Buchanan, M.Stephen, N.Duff, J.Bonellie, B.Watt, S.McConnachie, D.MacMillan, P.Auchterlonie, R.Gilbert, D.Mateer and B. Kennedy.

Tam Wilson from Ayrshire caught this fine on grown brown trout of 4lbs 10oz on the 4th September.


Club Results: Rotary club 17 boats 22 fish 48lbs, Inter Schools 11 boats 36 fish 75lbs plus 8 rtd, Ferry Fly Fishers 5 boats 23 fish 50lbs, IBM 8.5 boats 20 trout 45lbs.


Next Week the results of the International - Quint