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Menteith Fishery



Lake of Menteith Report 7th April

Water temperature at 6ft 8C Clarity on Secchi disc 2m. The wind has settled this week and there has been a good hatch of fly’s so the swallows have been busy feeding. The best drifts have been Reedy Point to Hotel bay, the Road shore along to Katie’s Brae, The Butts down to Lochend and there was a lot of fish showing in Sandy bay but are looking at nothing the anglers throw at them. Anglers have been coming up in the water using Di 3 to Midge tip lines. The fly’s to fish include the Orange blob, white cat and yellow dancer, Hares Lug, Diawl Bach, Montana’s and a pinky lure!

Notable catches this week
L Bell/ B Clifton (Lothians)10 fish for 19lb plus 3 returned, Russell/Stewart (Currie) 9Fish for 18lb 4oz, the Currie brothers 10 fish 24lbs, B Paterson and Partner 10 Fish 21lb plus 8 returned, Tony Lithgow (Cowdenbeath)10 fish 21lb plus 8 returned, McKabe/Smith (ChangeAC) 51 fish all returned, Ryan Craig 26 fish all returned, Simon Cocker/ Jim litster (AyrShire) 9 for 21lb plus 24 returned, Ciba AC (6 Boats ) 45 fish for 92lbs, Kennedy/ McGillivray 34 fish all returned , Heriots FP. AC (7 Boats) 25 fish for 52lb plus 31 returned, Paul and Irene Clarke (Glasgow) 8 fish For 18lb plus 8 returned, Grizzlecats (8 Boats) 79 fish for 160lb plus 86 returned, ICI (6 boats) 36 fish for 71 lb plus 6 returned, Central Scotland Police (8 boats) 47 fish for 97lb plus 12 returned.