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Lake of Menteith Report 1st June

Gateside Bay:Temperature at 6ft -  21C, Water Clarity 1.6m on the secchi disk.

We are currently in the middle of a heat wave and the high resultant water temperature at 6ft has the potential to contain only low levels of dissolved oxygen. The fish are therefore lying deep and coming up only if enticed – before returning to the cooler more oxygenated deeper waters.  The fishing has understandably not been at its easiest but by no means impossible. Two obvious methods to try are a high density line with a short 4ft leader and booby - or buzzers on a sink tip with as long a leader as you can manage - the retrieve must be gradual to allow the flies to sink to the full depth (the leader should be hanging vertical). In the evening when the surface cools a little a couple of dries can be place on the buzzer line. Alternatively pull lures with a DI 3 as this has also been working. The strong east winds of late have pushed more of the warm water to the western shore perhaps causing the fish to be deeper there but nearer the surface of the eastern shore. If the wind drops I expect the western shores will produce more – and there have been the occasional good bag there in recent days.
The teams for the World Fly Fishing Championships which has heats on the Lake on the 8th, 9th and 10th of June have been arriving to have a look. So far Australia, Canada, Poland, Croatia, Italy and Portugal have all dropped in.  The Lake Staff would like to give a very warm welcome to all the teams - and make yourselves at home!

In the last of the Scottish Anglers National Fly Fishing Championship Prelim Heat on 26th May, 41 anglers landed 84 trout for 182lbs and returned 16. Top bag on the day was ex championship secretary John Keay of SANACC  with 8 fish for 17lbs 1oz who was fishing lures (white cat, blob and cormorant) on a DI3 sweep line at Lochend. 2nd was T.Wilson of the Grizzlecats and 3rd was Ian Hutchison of Orkney Trout. The cut off weight for qualification was 5lbs 10oz.

In the 4th Heat of the Scottish Club Championships Sponsored by the Daily Record, Angling Centre Stirling and Famous Grouse Whisky, the 48 anglers bagged 68 fish for 141lbs – there was no catch and release. First placed were Rowbank AC (Francis, O’Neill and Anderson) with 8 fish for 17lbs 12oz.  In 2nd place were Neilston AC with 7 fish and 3rd were Dunoon AC with 6 fish.  Through to the Champion of Champion’s Final are Paul O’Neill (Rowbank) with 5 fish, Jim Milne (Thistle) 5 fish and Fraser Robertson (5 fish). The top tactic on the night was pulling blobs etc at Shear point. The winners, top rod and heaviest fish (N.MacNeil) received bottles of Famouse Angler (Grouse) Whisky.

On the third night of the Angling Centre Stirling Menteith Boat League the 32 anglers landed 106 fish for 239lbs. There were 13 bag limits and the current leader is now Dougie Inglis on 13pts, Andy Dunn is second on 17pts (he was unlucky to come in 14th on the last night – with a limit bag). 3rd is Ian skilling. Top bag on the night was Ian Skilling. Thanks to Angling Centre Stirling for their heat prizes of lines or vouchers for best bag and heaviest fish.  For heat results and league placings see the boat league results on the website.

Other Catches: Auchenhowie 3 boats 6 fish, ABC&D 7 boats 34 trout and 5rtd, Crown fly Fishers 7 boats 28 trout (22 rtd). Bridge of Allan 76 6 boats 23 trout.


The diagnosis of the recent fish problem in an earlier report refers to “upwelling”. For an explanation to this phenomenon please have a look at “Upwelling Explained”  in the reports section of the website.


We have 4 boats available for each of the next two Saturday Evening Sessions.