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Menteith Fishery



15th July 2008

6ft Water Temp: 16C Secchi Disk Gateside: 2.6m
The places that have been holding the fish this week are; The Cage bay, behind Dog Island, Rookery, Roman Bay and the Heronry. Flies that are doing well include Daiwl Bachs, Boobys and Blobs of various colours, Damsel nymphs, Sedges, Cormorants, Kate McLaren, and Cats whisker. Despite the fresh winds the fish are still close to the surface so anything from a floating down to a Di3.

Notable Catches
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday saw the Lexus European Open. On the first day was the singles, 50 anglers caught 205 fish for 430lb 63 of witch were returned. First was Greig Davie with 13 fish 27lb, second was Martin Smith with 10 fish 22lb 04oz and third was Fredriquo Schimitt also with 10 fish 21lb 4oz, Dave Fraser had the heaviest fish weighing 5lb 9oz. On Thursday in the team event 8 teams took part and caught 146 fish for 338lb with 53 of these returned, first was Wellbank with 36fish 82lb, second was Aberdeen & District with 33 fish for 71lb 14lb. On Friday in the team event 6 teams took part and caught 125Fish with 25 of these returned, First was Menteith Ospreys with 28fish 63lb 3oz, Second was Alba with 23Fish 50lb 13oz, These teams go to the finals on Rutland Water on the 9th & 10th September and individuals go to the finals on Chew Valley Lake on the 21st September.

Saturday saw a good turnout for the second of the early morning shifts with Campbell Morgan and Donald Forbes from Alexandria having the best boat again with 26 fish. Also Jim Litster and Andy Dunn had 16 fish.

11th Evening Heat; Scottish Club Championships Results – sponsored by the Daily Record with additional prizes from the Angling Centre Stirling. Tonight the anglers caught 74 fish for 164lb 5oz. Top 3 man team were Monifieth Trout (Ian Thomson, Shane Elder, Malcolm Selby) with 11 fish for 25lb, 2nd RothiesOak with 9 fish for 18lb 9oz and 3rd were Irvine A.C. with 7 fish for 15lb 9oz. The Top four individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions were 1st Ian Thomson (Monifieth Trout) 5 fish for 11lb 5oz, 2nd was Willie Simpson (RothiesOak) with 5 fish 10lb 5oz, 3rd was John Millar (Thack) with 5 fish for 10lb 4oz and 4th was David Shaw (Carradale) with 4 fish for 9lb 2oz. Heaviest Fish was 3lbs 2oz, caught by Ian Simpson from St Fillans and Lochearn.

9th heat of the Menteith Boat League sponsored by Angling Centre Stirling, 26 anglers landed 73 fish for 179lb. There were 13 limit bags. Top rod on the night was Peter Auchterlonie with his 5 fish weighing 13lb 8oz, 2nd Ken Oliver 5 fish for 13lb 6oz and 3rd was Ian Skilling with 5fish 12lb 9oz. The prize for the heaviest fish (of those that hadn't yet got a prize) goes to Ian Drummond. The top three in the league are current champ Andy Dunn on 59points, 2nd, Ken Oliver on 70 points and 3rd, Ian Campbell on 71points.