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Menteith Fishery



13th October 2008

6ft Water Temp: 11.5C, Clarity (secchi disk): 2.3m. The south - westerly winds of recent appear to have attracted the fish to the northern and eastern shores. Productive  drifts have been Gatesode, Road Shore, Hotel Bay and either side of Reedy Point Todhole. The Butts, and Lochend have produced on occasion. Popular flies remain the blob or cat with cormorants and diawl bachs and in the dull calm conditions the floater or sink tip has been the fly of choice – with a heavier fly in a wave. Unfortunately the same wind that has brought the fish to the aforementioned drifts has made these same areas virtually unfishable when the wind gets up.
The Lake is being stocked today (13/10/08) with 700 rainbows and the last stocking of the season will be on the 20th of October with 500 rainbows. With current good catch rates and as the season draws to a close on the 31st October, this should leave a good head of fish to over winter for next season.

Notable Catches: John Levi of Scotsman AC took this fine blue of 5lbs 5oz on Wednesday in Gateside. John was using a midge tip line and pulling a flash tail black blob on a slow retrieve. The club had 4 boats and landed 13 trout for 32lbs. On the 9th Strathclyde Police caught 39 fish for 88lbs and returned a further 15 – with 7 boats. On the 10th Pentland FF caught 32 for 88lbs and returned 8 – with 4 boats, Middleton with 5 boats weighed in 97 fish for an estimated 200lbs, CIBA with 5 boats weighed in 38 fish for 85lbs. On the 12th Heriots FP weighed in 13 for 31lbs and returned 10 – with 19 anglers. Locher AC landed 13 for 30lbs with 5 boats on the 13th. Falkirk Municipal was out on the same day and appeared to have good catches but no club summary was detailed.  


Other News:We still have some boats to fill for the two end of season charity events; The CHAS and Youth Fishing Fundraiser is on Tuesday 21st October. The nets will be removed from Gateside at the end of the fishing day on Monday – giving the fundraiser fishers first crack at this normally cordoned off area and some big residents will be taken that day(?).  The second event is after the end of the official season and is the Kirk and School Fishing and BBQ Fundraiser Day. This is an informal bash which marks the last opportunity to fish for trout at the Lake in 2008 - with good soup and quality barbeque food as a chaser. This takes place on Sunday 2nd November. Please contact boat bookings for further information.