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Menteith Fishery



10th June 2008

6ft Water Temp: 17C, Clarity (secchi disk): 2m . The lake has coloured up in the last few days but clarity is starting to increase again. The reduction in clarity and the strong westerlies made things difficult on Monday 9th. In a few weeks, depending on weather, we should be looking at much clearer conditions - if the usual cycle is followed. In the calm conditions Shear Point and Reedy Point have been doing well but in the stronger westerly winds anglers have been finding the fish on the Malling shore.

The catch statistics for April were excellent; 8 hr 2 man boat catches averaged 6.6 fish for 14lbs 5oz., 30% of fish were recorded as returned. The good catches were maintained in May with an 8 hr 2 man boat catch average of 5 fish for 11lbs 11oz and a return rate of 23%.

We were saddened to hear of the passing away of Tam Denham on Monday 9th June. Tam, the well known angler and personality from Milton, Glasgow, is pictured below with a 12lb bow from the Lake.

6th Evening Heat; Scottish Club Championships Results – sponsored by the Daily Record with additional prizes from the Angling Centre Stirling. 
24 boats landed 93 fish for 216lbs.  Top 3 man team were Balfron Piscatorial (G.Hayward, J.Kyle, R.Robertson) with 12 fish for 24lbs9oz, 2nd Rainbow Warrior with 9 fish 25lbs and 3rd were Aberdeen and District with 9 fish for 19lbs 7oz. Top four individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions were Sam Montgomery, 5 fish; Bob Robertson (5) , Ernie Mackay (5) and Angus Shepard (5). Top tactics were Candy booby and fluorescent green buzzer with a midge tip at the Malling shore. The Angling Centre Stirling has a mobile shop before the start of the Scottish club Competition.

In the Sierra Pairs (fished to a 5 fish limit followed by time bonus) Heat 1, 28 boats caught 186 fish for 402lbs. J.Lawson & E.Clarke, K.McCabe & A.Dunn, Orkney Pig Hunters, T.Chalmers & T.Bracey, A&K Porteous, A.Middlemas & D.Woodmore and W.Cowan & B.Able all qualified for the final.  In Heat 2 qualifiers were; W.Sutherland &D.Loughbridge, J.Gardner & J.Ryan, M.Miller & S.Marshall, D.Inglis & A.Boylan, M.Moran & C.Brown, W.Morrison & C.Wiseman and W.Marr & D.Avery. In Day 1 of the Anglian Water 6 man Heats, high winds made things difficult, but the 30 boats landed 66 fish for 154lbs; Alder Flyfishers, Thalasa, Heron Fly fishers, Butcher Boys & ABC&D all qualified. Later, in the calmer first evening heat, 30 boats landed 102 fish for 257lbs, and qualifiers were; Menteith Ospreys, Alba Orvis Fly Fishers, Port Glasgow FF, Grizzlecats and Leslie & Glenrothes.

In the fourth evening of the Menteith Boat League sponsored by Angling Centre Stirling, George Whyte of Crieff won the night with 5 fish for 13lbs 3oz, 2nd was A.MacKay with 4 for 12lbs and 3rd was Dougie Inglis with 5 for 11lbs 15oz.  The 43 anglers weighed in 85 fish for 198lbs (capped) and returned 5 fish. Top of the league is A.Dunn with 27pts, 2nd is Dougie Inglis on 33 and 3rd Ian Campbell with 35pts.

Club Catches.
Rowbank 9 boats 39 fish for 96lbs, Rowbank Paisley 10 boats 57 fish for 135lbs and 6rtd, IBMFAC 5 boats 12 fish for 28lbs, Menteith Ospreys 3 boats 10 fish for 45lbs and 23rtd, Bank of Scot 6 boats 18 fish for 46lbs, Scottish Ladies 18 fish for 50lbs and 6rtd, Caley Liners 5 boats 18 fish for 41lbs.