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Menteith Fishery



 5th August 2008
Menteith Weekly Report

6ft Water Temp: 18.5C, Clarity (secchi disk): 2.2m . Resident fish reported to be feeding on fry and also coming up for dries. Fishy spots this week have included  Gateside Bay, Dog Isle and Lochend.

In the twelfth and penultimate evening of the Menteith Boat League sponsored by Angling Centre Stirling, Dougie Ingles was 1st, Andy Dunn  2nd and James Litster 3rd. Only the top nine of the anglers results count and last year’s winner Andy Dunn from Ayrshire is still heading the pack on 45 points, 2nd is Dougie Ingles  49pts and 3rd Iain Campbell with 61pts. The 14 ½ evening league boats landed 37 fish for 100lbs.

Club Catches.
Police Inter Divisional 14 boats 42 fish 105lbs, L&B Police v Strathclyde 10 boats 64 fish for 175lbs, ABC&D 6 boats 15 fish 40lbs.