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Menteith Report

10th July


6ft Water Temp: 16C Secchi Disk Gateside: 2m
The places that have been holding the fish this week are; The Cage bay, behind Dog Island, International Bay, Shear point, Roman Bay and the Heronry. Flies that are doing well include Daiwl Bachs Corral Boobys, Blobs of various colours, Damsel nymphs, Sedges, Cormorants, Kate McLaren, and Cats whisker. The fish are still close to the surface so anything from a floating line to a Di3 should be enough.

Just to remind you that there are still some boats left for the early morning shifts on the 21st of July and the 4th of August, the times are 4am to 9am and are £30 per boat.

Notable Catches
Tuesday saw the last of the semis for the Scottish national. 27 anglers fished. They caught 77 fish for 176lb with 4 fish returned. The top rod was Alan Martin he caught 9 fish for 20lb 4oz, 2nd was Fraser Robertson with 7 fish for 14lb 13oz and third was Willie Leach with 6 fish for 13lb 13oz. 9 qualified with the cut off weight being 7b 12oz. Well done to all those that made it to the final on the 8th September and those that didn’t make it there is always next year.

10th Evening Heat; Scottish Club Championships Results – sponsored by the Daily Record with additional prizes from the Angling Centre Stirling. 25 boats landed 91 fish for 206lb 2oz. Top 3 man team were Creiff FF with 14 fish for 31lb 3oz, 2nd Grizzelcats with 13 fish for 29lb 3oz and 3rd were Leslie and Glenrothes with 10 fish for 22lb 2oz. The Top four individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions were 1st Neil Anderson (Ferry fly dressers) 6 fish for 14lb 5oz, 2nd was Peter Auchterlonie with 6 fish12lb 13zo 3rd was Tom Wilson with 6 fish for 12lb 7oz and 4th was George Whyte with 5 fish for 11lb 13oz. Top tactics – Cages Dog Island and Road Shore, Booby and orange blob, and Claret Bumble, SSI line. Heaviest Fish was 7lbs 4oz, caught by Kenny Heenan from Denny and District.

8th heat of the Menteith Boat League sponsored by Angling Centre Stirling, 33 anglers landed 94 fish for 217lbs. Top rod on the night was Alan Brock with a limit bag weighing 15lb 5oz, 2nd John Kaye 6 fish for 14lb 7oz and 3rd Derek Barclay 6 fish 14lb 2oz. The heaviest fish of the night was caught by Elaine McCracken with the best fish of the league so far weighing 5lb 13oz. The Duck this week went to the sponsor Martin Grantham. A change at the top of the table with Dave Paterson on 54 points 2nd Jim Litster on 59 points and 3rd Dougie Ingles on 66 points.

Other catches include;T Ward/J Davie 10 fish 29lb 8oz including one at 8lb 1oz.(above) caught on a brown Diawl bach, he also caught one at 6lb and on at 4lb on the same fly last week.West Coast Fly fishers (4 boats) 28 fish 61lb 4oz, Heron F.F. 3 boats 21 fish 48lb, S Nicol 12 fish 25lb, A Dunn/J Litster 3 fish 13lb 9oz plus 20 returned, Mr Masson/Mr Glasgow (Edinburgh) 12 fish 27lb, Winchburgh (5 boats) 33fish 80lb, Mr McGregor/Mr Galloway (Bonnybridge)6 fish 14lb plus 15 returned, P Robson (St Boswell) 6 fish 16lb plus 8 returned, T Ward/J Davie 10 fish 29lb 8oz including one at 8lb 1oz.