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Menteith Report

8th May



6ft Water Temp: 12C Secchi Disk Gateside: 2.2m

A return to westerly systems, rain and dull cooler weather has brought welcome relief in the stock ponds. However the wind has been strong and on occasions rendered fishing impossible in all except the most sheltered spots. The change of wind direction has perhaps effected a redistribution of the fish with areas now reported to be fishing well being the Heronry, Kates Brae to Shear Point and Reedy Point. The wind usually means the anglers putting on heavier sinking lines – to keep in touch with the flies. White boobies, yellow dancer, white cat and cormorant have proved successful. Clarity has improved markedly in the last few days and hopefully we are now entering the period of good clarity that is associated with late spring and summer.

In the 2nd of the SANA National Championship Heats on the 3rd May, 21 boats landed 115 fish for 223lbs. The cut off weight was 6lbs (1lb 4oz higher than the previous heat – despite no interim stocking) and the top angler on the day was Andy Mackay of Inverclyde who was fishing a cormorant on a ghost tip line at Dog Isle. 2nd top bag was Dougie Carr of Luggiebank.

1st Evening Heat; Scottish Club Championships Results – sponsored by the Daily Record
The 25 boats landed 61 fish for 109lbs. Top 3 man team were Wellington AC with 9 fish for 13lbs 14oz. 2nd were Clunes AC with 5 fish for 12lbs 12oz and 3rd were ABC&D with 6 fish for 12lbs 6oz. These teams go forward to the semi-final on 21/9/07. Top four individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions were R.Millar (Wellington AC) 6 fish, G.Fraser (Clunes) 3 fish, W.Watson (ABC&D) 3 fish, I.Jones (Craufordland) 3 fish and Kenny McLean (Darvel) with 3 fish also for 5lbs 8oz. Top tactics - white booby DI5 Heronry.

The last of the Scottish Civil Service Heats took place on Friday 4th May. The winning pair were Pat Robinson (left) and Harry McLernon (right), with competition organiser Fraser McConnel (centre). Harry and Pat caught 10 fish for 21lbs at Kates Brae and their catch included a 6lb fish. The 18 boats landed 71 fish for 146lbs.




April Monthly Summary
Anglers have enjoyed a good start to the season. Catches are up on last April. This year 2 man boat average catches for an 8hr session were 5.4 fish for 12.6lbs, 18% of the fish were recorded as returned. Last year the figures were 4.7 fish for 9.9lbs with 10% returned.
Has the main reason for this been the warmth of the spring with fish and angler alike putting in more effort? Water temperatures ran at almost double our cold spring of 2006.

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