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Menteith Report

2nd July


6ft Water Temp: 15C Secchi Disk Gateside: 2.1m
There has been a good hatch of Damsels and some dragonflies have been spotted in the sheltered corners. The places that have been holding the fish this week are; The Road shore, Shear point, Cage bay, Lochend, The rookery, Katie’s Brae and the Gravel pit. Some of the Flies that are catching the fish include orange Blob, Damsel nymph, Cormorants, Boobys, Black Pennals, Kate McLaren, Daiwl Bachs and a red headed Cats whisker. The fish are in the top couple of feet so using anything from a floating line to a Di3 should be enough.
Notable Catches
The 2nd Sana open attracted 30 anglers, they caught 71 fish for 154lb 8 oz. In the individual comp top rod was Calum Crosby with 6 fish for 14lb 6oz, 2nd was Eddie Bonner 6 fish 12lb 15oz and 3rd was Dougie Ingles with 6 fish for 11lb 15oz. In the pairs Father and son duo Eddie and Tam Bonner caught 10 fish 21lb 4oz, 2nd Ian Jones/Calum Crosby 9 fish 20lb 8 oz, 3rd was Peter Edge/John Morton 7 fish 19lb 3oz.

RAF Trio Warren Gains 12lb, Wayne Ketchell 8lb 13, Rob Wickens 10lb 13oz.

The RAF northern league was fished and 28 fish for 77lb were caught, with Warren Gains Getting the heaviest fish of the day weighing 12lb on a cruncher fished on a DI3.
Thursday saw 44 anglers fishing in the Sana semi to book a place in the final on the 8th October. They caught 196 fish for 402lb 11oz with 19 fish returned. The top rod was Colin Elder from Monifieth caught 11 fish for 22lb 7oz, 2nd was Nigel Burns with 9 fish for 18lb 12oz and third was Alan Brock with 9 fish for 17lb 4oz. 19 qualified with the cut off weight being 12lb 1oz. Adjudicator George Mackenzie caught a lovely fish weighing 8lb 3oz.
9th Evening Heat; Scottish Club Championships Results – sponsored by the Daily Record with additional prizes from the Angling Centre Stirling. 25½ boats landed 100 fish for 214lb. Top 3 man team were Bank of Scotland with 10 fish for 22lb 15oz, 2nd Johnston Fly fishers with 9 fish for 20lb 9oz and 3rd were Lochgilphead with 8 fish for 18lb 13oz. The Top four individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions were Mike Connet (Bank of Scotland), Jim Klegg, Michael Ward and Billy Burns. Top tactics – Cages Rookery and Road Shore, Booby and orange blob, SSI line. Heaviest Fish was 6lbs 5oz, caught by Neil Ward from lochgilpead.
7th heat of the Menteith Boat League sponsored by Angling Centre Stirling, 34 anglers landed 62 fish for 136lbs. Top rod on the night was Local expert! D Stewart with a limit bag weighing 13lb 8oz, 2nd Alan Smith 6 fish for 13lb 4oz and 3rd Arthur Wilkie 6 fish 12lb 12oz. The heaviest fish of the night was caught by Ian Campbell. The Duck was this week was earned by Dougie Carr. Current League Positions remain unchanged with J.Litster in 1st with 49 points, Dave Paterson 2nd 50 points and A.Dunn in 3rd with 52pts.