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Fishery Report 30th May

6ft Water Temp: 13C Secchi Disk Gateside:1.5m

Strong winds from both directions have hampered fishing this week and cold night time temperatures resulted in a drop in water temperature of 1C to 13C at 6ft. The good news is that summer is gradually arriving according to the forecast. This should have a beneficial effect on clarity as well as increasing fish appetite and activity.

The cormorant is undoubtedly the fly of the season to date. The distinctive contrast of the jungle cock eye and black hackle is proven to be one of the most visible under water combinations (to the human eye). Fly life is now getting under way with daphnia at last becoming present in greater numbers and hopefully a signal of greater hatches to come. The Mayfly were coming off in fairly large numbers during the week – alongside buzzers and olives.

Ospreys will become increasingly busy in the coming weeks as chicks hatch and grow – and demand more fish. This Menteith osprey was photographed by David Mitchell.

Best areas in recent days have been the burn mouth in Gateside Bay, Heronry, Malling shore (Roman Bay), Rookery and Reedy Point. The Road shore has also feature on occasions. Good catches on dries, cormorant, buzzers, snatchers have been reported – tight into the reeds and out in the open.

The Cormorants (named after the fly), the Lakes Young Persons Club, have had a very succusseful start under the Steward ship of Scottish Champion Alastair Mair. More information to follow.

4th Evening Heat; Scottish Club Championships Results– sponsored by the The 27 boats landed 112 fish for 237lbs. Top 3 man team were Avonbank with 13 fish for 29lbs 11oz. 2nd were Bridge of Allan with 10 fish for 25lbs 3oz and 3rd were IBM with 9 fish for 20lbs 4oz. These teams go forward to the semi-finals. Top four individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions were G.Telford 7 fish, A.Shepard 7 fish, G.Duffy 6 fish and G.McLennan 5 fish.

Menteith Boat League – sponsored by the Angling Centre Stirling. In the second outing of the 2006 Boat League; P.Aucterlonie was top rod with 6 fish for 15lbs 4oz, 2nd was A.McKay with 7 fish for 14lbs 4oz and 3rd D.Paterson with 5 fish for 13lbs 6oz (capped). D.Paterson also had the heaviest fish at 4lbs 4oz. A.MacKay is the current league leader. The top rod and heaviest fish received a Boat League t-shirt courtesy of the sponsor.

SANA National Championship Prelims 25th May: 25 boats landed 127 fish for 295lbs. The cut off weight for qualification was 5lbs 6oz. Top rod on the day was Billy Dewar (fishing cormorants in the cages), 2nd top L.Barrie and 3rd top M.Moran.

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