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Fishery Report

29th August 2006

6ft Water Temp: 17C Secchi Disk Gateside:2.5m

Catches are still above average at the Lake, and after sticking at 19C for some weeks, the water temperature is now starting to drop quickly and is now 17C at 6ft. The shallower drifts will now be in a condition to hold fish although there is still a large head of fish in the deeper water. The main fishing areas this week has again been the Malling Shore and Gateside Bay/Point of the Rookery – although at the weekend there were also some very good catches from Hotel Bay and areas of the road shore. Catch methods varied from small traditional type flies, cormorants, buzzers and diawl bachs on sink tips in calm conditions to fast sink lines and boobies in bright and windy conditions. The fish appear to be present at all depths. Many “over summered” fish are starting to appear in the catches and a feature of last weeks catches was the number of fish of 7 or 8 pounds and above.

Notable Catches: Edinburgh Trout Anglers (6 boats) 40 fish 79lbs, Fife Division Police (4 boats) 21 fish 43lbs, Tayside Intercity (17 boats) 21 fish 40lbs, Strathclyde Police versus Central Police (6 boats) 33 fish 70lbs, Bothwell and Blantyre (6 boats)12 fish for 22lbs, Western versus West of Scotland 33 fish for 69lbs, McCabe and Marklow (single boat) 14 fish for 31lbs (20 returned), GCAC 6 boats 37 fish, Alec McEwan I boat 15 fish for 45lbs, 2 returned. Aberdour AA 8 boats 44 fish for 101lbs, Ferry Fly 5 boats 27 fish 70lbs.


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