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21th July 2006 Fishery Report

6ft Water Temp: 22.5C Secchi Disk Gateside: 2.6m

A blazing hot week at Menteith with air temperatures of 30C and 6ft water temperatures of 24C recorded on Wednesday 19th. The hot easterlies pushed the warm water up to Malling and quickly put paid to the fishing on the western shore. Some spectacularly poor catches were recorded and not a fin to be seen -anywhere. In the following two days temperatures eased to 22.5C at 6ft and those skilled in the art of deep fishing started to have success. Notably D.Paterson who caught 14 and kept 7 for 20lbs on 21/7/06. The hot spot is Gateside Bay and heading quite far out towards the island. The method; Booby and DI8 or DI7 – cast out and count to around 30 or 40. The Lake is now stacked with fish as stocking is up to date but catches are way behind, which bodes well for fishing in the coming days.

11th Evening Heat; Scottish Club Championships Results – sponsored by the Daily Record The 29 boats landed 90 fish for 169lbs. Top team were Tillicoultry with 13 fish for 25lbs 7. 2nd Creiff with 8 fish for 18lbs 7oz and 3rd E.Kilbride with 9 fish for 16lbs 9oz. These teams go forward to the semi-finals. Top four individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions were R.Turnbull 7 fish for 15lbs 3oz, G.Farid 8 fish, H.Kane 7 fish and H.Skeoch 7 fish. Top tactics booby on surface at Malling shore also sink tips with cats and dials.

ACS Menteith Boat League – sponsored by the Angling Centre Stirling.
Top rod on the night was D.Paterson with 3 fish. James Litster (pictured above with this 7 pounder) was second. James lies in first position after eight outings with D.Paterson in second position. On this the hottest day of the year, the 21 anglers managed to land 13 fish.









Lexus European Championship Heats
Individuals: In order of Merit and qualifying for the final out of 35 contenders were: Nigel Burns, J.Hunter, J.Kettles, A.Thomas, D.Marno, D.Purves, R.McHattie. Rod average 3.5.
Team Events
Day 1. Qualifying Teams: Alba Orvis Flyfishers, Change Flyfishers. Top rod G.Brown, 2nd top S.Headley. Rod Average 3.55
Day 2 Qualifying Teams: Thalasa, Team Wellbank. Top Rod Fraser Robertson, 2nd top Bradley Chalmers. Rod average 2.67

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