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Preseason Weekly Report
Issued 21st March

Menteith Opens March 25th
The Lake of Menteith trout season opens on the 25th March a day prior to the official start of summertime and Mothering Sunday on the 26th. The re-stocking fish have benefited from another mild winter and have grown to well over the winter. We plan a preseason stock of around 1300 rainbows which will be mainly 1 ¾ to 3lbs but will include a number in the 4-6lb weight range, and 500 brown trout. During the season over 30 000 trout will be stocked.

Our biggest trout of last year was landed, photographed and returned by our winter pike anglers. Jim Alexander (above right) hooked this 13½lb beauty of a bow on a 7 inch plug! Scott Davidson (below), landed this nice brown – also on a lure – as well as the 29lb plus pike. Some other specimen bows and browns have fallen to pike lures during the pike anglers 4 outings or been returned into the Lake from the exit trap on the Goodie burn. Two massive pike of over 35lbs were also boated - the biggest pike caught since Feb 2000. Photos will be available shortly.
Prospects: April is usually the most productive fishing month at Menteith. Last year our April average boat catch was 6.3 fish for 15lbs – easily our best month of the season, and it is also one of our less busy times of the year. As a consequence of our generous end of season stocking in 2005, we expect/hope there will again be a fair proportion of over-wintered fish in the Lake. The shallow water of the eastern basin generally heats up first, and this is where the majority of the fish should be found – Hotel Bay, the Road Shore, Lochend and along to the Butts. If previous years are anything to go by, anglers should gear up with midge tip or reasonably slow sinking or intermediate lines and fish close to the bottom – in the shallow water near the shore. Black and green fritz, damsels, blob, dancer and the white cat are usually popular at this time of year, but it is worth also fishing something smaller for the shyer fish.

Prices have been held more or less static for 2006. For more information see our new look brochure or visit our updated website at www.menteith-fisheries.co.uk. Boat bookings and enquires can be made by telephone on 01877 385664 (or email booking@menteith-fisheries.co.uk). Happy casting.