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Menteith Angling Report 19th April 06

6ft Water Temp: 8C Secchi Disk Gateside:2.1m
They said it was going to be a cold winter and they have eventually been proven to be correct. Despite the lack of ice and only late snow, water temperatures have been a lot cooler than normal and consequently trout farmers around the country have found that fish growth has been almost half the expected rate. Luckily as we buy in fish as well as raise our own we have been able to re-schedule which trout are stocked when so that the average weight of the stock fish should remain in the usual 2lb plus range.

Fish stocked this year currently stands at 4103 compared to last years 4282 for the same time period last year. Catches are way behind last years due to the cold start but the gradual pick up in temperature is steadily improving catches and with the build up of uncaught stockies and overwintered fish – the prospects are good for the end of April and May. The main negative aspect of the weather in the past week has been the wind.

Best areas are currently the eastern shores – namely Hotel Bay, Road Shore, Lochend and the Butts across to the road shore. Anglers have been finding a higher proportion of newly stocked fish on these shores and bigger overwintered fish have been perhaps more usually taken from the far end or the Malling shore. Slow intermediate lines are working the best with a combination of lures and buzzer type flies.

This fine overwintered fish of 10lbs 12oz (pictured left- a little dried out after a day in the bottom of the boat) was caught by Keith Pace of Dunfermline off Stable Point on a black buzzer with floating line.

In the Troutmaster fish off on the 18th April the 11 contestants landed 58 fish for 131lbs. The winner was K.McCabe with 7 fish for 16lbs 13oz. There were 5 limit bags. Good luck in the Final at Grafham Kevin!

Club results: Milngavie (5 boats) 40 fish, Phoenix (8 boats) 28 fish for 58lbs, Bank of Scot (5 boats) 36 fish for 65lbs, EBAC (6 boats) 13 fish for 28lbs, Pinkertons (4 boats) 11 fish for 38lbs, Balbeggie AC (7boats) 17 fish for 37lbs, Rainbow Warrior (8 boats) 19 fish for 36lbs, Central Scot Police (6 boats) 22 fish for 50lbs, Stanley AC (8 boats) 29 fish for 65lbs.