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4th July 2006 Fishery Report

6ft Water Temp: 19C Secchi Disk Gateside: 2.7m

The wind has settled down and the warm weather has finally arrived which is bringing the fish to the top of the water. So floating /midge tip lines seem to be the order of the day, CDCs, sedgehogs, Cormarants, Diawl bachs, Black Spiders and wet flies are all doing well. Best areas are Roman Bay/Malling, Gateside Bay, the Road shore and Katie’s Brae. Late News: water temperature reached extreme levels for fish in top layers on Wednesday Night after a day of 29oC - fish still being caught on sink tips but seen shoaling at the 30ft mark on fish finders.

ACS Menteith Boat League – sponsored by the Angling Centre Stirling.
Night no 7 was won by Jim Litster with 7 fish 14lb 12oz. 2nd was Walter Archibald with 5 fish 13lb 12oz. 3rd was Peter Auchterlonie with 4 fish 12lb 4oz. Heaviest fish of the night was 4lb 2oz and was caught by Walter Archibald. Andy McKay is the new leader of the league. The 37 anglers caught 60 fish weighing 131lbs.

Sana National semi final no5
There were 32 competitors chasing only 10 places to get to the final. 121 fish were caught weighing 284lbs. Top rod was Jim litster with 11 fish 25lb 12oz using floating line with dries up at the Malling shore. 2nd was Calum Crosbie with 11 fish 22lb 14oz. 3rd was David Bonnington with 8 fish 19lb 12oz. The last angler to qualify was D Moore with 5 fish 11lb 12oz.

9th Evening Heat; Scottish Club Championships Results
Sponsored by The Daily Record and Angling Centre Stirling was won by Heriots F.P. “A” (T. Stephen, D.Skedd and A. Halbrook) with 11 fish 24lb 1oz. 2nd Soldier Palmers with 11 fish 23lb 6oz. 3rd was Thack A.C. “A” with 9 fish 22lb 6oz. these teams go through to the semi finals on the 29th September. Top rod was Ronnie Christie (Soldier Palmers) with 7 fish 15lb 10oz. 2nd was Robert Roseweir (Thack) With 5 fish 12lb 14oz. 3rd was Thomas Steven (Heriots) with 5 fish 11lb 12oz. 4th was Jim Ferguson (St. Mungo) with 5 fish 10lb 12oz.These individuals go forward to the Champion on Champions on 22nd of October. Heaviest fish of the night was 3lb 13oz and caught by D. Milne of Roscobie loch. The 54 Anglers caught 88 fish weighing 203lb 5oz.

Other Notable catches
Stewarton (6 Boats) 30 fish 65lb 7oz + 8 returned. C Morgan (Alexandria) 8 fish 15lb 8oz. Crown Flyfishers (9 Boats) 41 fish 95lb 8oz + 8 returned. G Fleming (Glasgow) 12 fish 27lb. Ferry Fly dressers (4 boats) 24 fish 56lb. Porteous (Thurso) 14 fish 34lb. Tayside Police (4 boats) 20 fish 44lb. T Ward/J Davie (Cumnock)15 fish 38lb +7 returned. Sharp/Nicoll (Kinross) 15 fish 31lb.

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