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Fishery Report


Late news (2/8/06) Water temperature down to 19C at 6ft in Gateside Bay.Fish now being taken on floating lines but fast sinking lines are still predominant. Some excellent catches on a DI5 in the cages with a washing line technique by Huggy yesterday (16 to his rod?). Clarity now 1.8m. Highly visible patterns advisable.

1st August 2006 6ft Water Temp: 20C Secchi Disk Gateside: 2.0m
The hottest July on record is now behind us and we can expect, hopefully, a bit of a decrease in water temperatures over the coming days. Clarity has reduced in Gateside Bay and is perhaps related to the effect of cooling and mixing. Water temperatures are still unpleasantly hot for the fish, which are believed to be mainly lying at depths of 30ft and greater in the Inchmahome and Gateside Deeps. The most successful method to-date is a high density sinking line (Di7 or 8) with a shortish leader and booby. Cast out as long a line as possible. Count to 30 or more and retrieve slowly. Often the take is when the lure leaves the bottom. Some controversy has recently occurred with individuals dropping their lines over the windward side of the boat and allowing the boat to drift. If the boat is drifting, this is defined as trolling - and is against the rules.
Lake Bailiff Douglas Fraser (right) collects the Alan Faulkner Memorial Award and Suzuki Engine from Andy Beadesly, Director of the Wheely Boat Trust (centre front). The award was presented by actor Bernard Cribbens (centre back) and was in recognition of the assistance given by the fishery to disabled angling. Award Sponsor Richard Whitaker of Suzuki is on the left. The Presentation was made at the Southampton Gamefair.


13th Evening Heat; Scottish Club Championships Results – sponsored by the Daily Record
One of the more difficult nights. The 27 boats landed 35 fish for 90lbs. Top team were Stirling Castle with 6 fish for 12lbs 15oz. 2nd Edinburgh Vets with 4 fish for 10lbs 5oz and 3rd Monifeith Trout with 5 fish for 9lbs 5oz. These teams go forward to the semi-finals. Top four individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions were R.Mather 4 fish for 7lbs 7oz, P.Forest 3 fish, A.McEwan 2 fish, D.Splaine 2 fish, F.Gourlay (tied) 2 fish. Top tactics fast glass and buzzers.

ACS Menteith Boat League – sponsored by the Angling Centre Stirling.
Top rod on the night was again D.Paterson with 7 fish (including one at 11lbs 7oz). G.Hayward was 2nd with 7 fish also, and Jim Watson was 3rd with 5 fish. After 10 outings with 3 more to go, James Litster still lies in first position, D.Paterson in second. The top ten placements count towards a final score.

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