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Weekly Report
Issued 31st May 2005

Water temperature has decreased again in the last week to 13.5C at 6ft. Clarity has continued to drop and is now 1.9m on the secchi disk. Last weeks stocking (after the SANA heats) was 1300 fish including some bigger fish. Hot spots of recent are Hotel Bay, International Bay, Gateside, Stable Point, Dog Isle and the Malling Shore. Cold night time temperatures, strong winds and bright sun made the fishing hard at times. With the increased colour in the water it may pay to try on something a bit gaudier - but the Buzzers are always worth a try for the fussier fish. Slime lines, DI3, floating or midge tip lines have all been used to good effect. There are big clouds of daphnia (water flea) and this year’s perch fry are also making an appearance.

Scottish Club Championships Results:The Fourth Heat of the Scottish club championships sponsored by the Daily Record and Bowmore Whisky was held on the evening of 28th May . Strong westerly winds made conditions a bit worrying for a while but luckily abated before beaching time. 14 three men teams caught 35 fish for 62lbs. Qualifying teams: 1st Hedgehogs, 2nd Perth Civil Service and 3rd were Invergowrie A Individuals through to the Champion of Champions are 1st J.Moncur of Invergowrie who was pulling a cormorant, blob and cat on a DI3 line at Malling, 2nd S.Stirton, 3rd J.Gardner and 4th C.Cowan. Biggest fish C.Cowan 6lbs 5oz.

Glenkinchie Boat League 2nd Night 25th May (Report by alberto Laidlaw):
The weather was atrocious with rain have fallen all day and continued to fall throughout the evening. Mayflies. (Danica Vulgata I think) were in abundance with reports of flies hatching off during the day just about everywhere. When the evening rods arrived despite the conditions the mayflies were still to be seen given the right conditions over the next few weeks we might be able to fish the spent gnat to rising fish. Back to the conditions, there was a good wind blowing from the West and it was a warm evening with the air temperature of 12 degrees.
Fishing was good. A total of 51 fish caught by 32 anglers and the top rod for the evening was John Kaye with 5 fish for 11lb oz. John fished in the area of the butts, using a midge tip line and snatchers. Bill Ramage was second with 6 fish for 10lb 15oz Bills technique could not have been more different using muddlers and what was described as a “big cat”, Bill fished the evening at Lochend . Biggest fish of the night was 4lb 9oz and caught by Jim Litster. League Placings:1st J.Kaye, 2nd, G.Hayward, 3rd equal A.McKay and J.Litster, 5th D.Paterson, 6th G.Fleming.

Scottish National Championship Results: In Heat 3 of the SANA National Championships 54 anglers caught 163 fish for 312lbs. The cut off weight for qualification was 5lbs 1oz. There were 5 limits and 7 blank rods and the heaviest bag on the day was D.Stenhouse with 2 boobies. In Heat 4 (2 days later) 34 anglers landed 88 fish for 168lbs. The cut off weight was 5lbs 2oz and the top bag was D.Mateer – again using two boobies. There was 1 limit and 4 blanks.

Club Results:Glasgow Telephones 9 boats 24 fish 58lbs, St.fillans AC (3 boats) 10 fish for 22lbs, ABC&D (6 boats) 28 fish for 59lbs, Rowbank (12 boats) 58 fish for 114lbs, N.Berwick (10 boats) 25 fish for 65lbs, K20 Perth (5 boats?) 3 fish for 4lbs, Bridge of Allan 76 (5 boats) 16 fish for 30lbs.