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Weekly Report
Issued 26th April 2005


Water temperature continues upwards and reached 10.5C in the previous week. Clarity has remained good. A bright week made it hard, as the fish were not deep and were easily spooked. When there was cloud cover, catching was considerably easier. The areas to try have been the all the drifts in the eastern basin and the west end of Gateside Bay and the Malling Shore.

The first competition of the year, the Troutmaster’s fish off was held on the 19th and the 14 competitors landed 90 fish for 194lbs 3oz. The competition was fished to a 7 fish limit with 2lbs an hour being awarded after bagging up. Top rod on the day was Iain Earle of Bridge of Allan with 7 fish for 18lbs 10oz. Iain had his limit by 1pm mainly at Lochend, using 2 boobies, and so was awarded a further 9lbs. In second place was Neil Mitchel (Glasgow) with 7 fish for 17lbs 10oz and a 4lb time bonus. 3rd was G.Frew.
Ten of the fourteen competitors managed limit bags.



Jimmy McBride of Craftye Edinburgh had considerable success recently with his new pattern (pictured right) – “a greetin and straggley cat double”. Sorry about the photo Jimmy.




Club results: Midlothian Angling AC (5 boats) 41 fish for 89lbs, Falkirk Fly Dressers (6 boats) 32 fish for 82lbs, Falkirk Municipal (12 boats) 47 trout for 115lbs, SSEB (13 boats) 84 fish for 188lbs.

Sun setting over Craig na monagh bhreacaidh (AKA the Menteith Hills)

Evening fishing commences at the Lake on Monday 2nd May, 6pm to 10pm