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Weekly Report
Issued 25th July 2005

Weekly report issued 25th July 2005
Clarity 2.2m, water temperature range 19C to 20.5C at 6ft. Good westerly winds in the first half of the week kept the warm water in the eastern basin and thus the colder layers were nearer the top on the western shores. The wind changed on Friday to an easterly and befitting the theory the Malling shore went off and the shore road started fishing. Fish have been taken close in or down deep depending on the wind and with clarity at 2.2m white cat boobies and blobs have been the lure of choice.

Some rumours need to be deflated concerning stocking of the Lake during the week of the Todays Flyfisher European Open Heats. The Lake was not stocked in the middle of the TFEO individual and team events (i.e. Thursday 14th July). The red boat was out on Thursday afternoon to fix the engine on the boat of Angus Shepard – no fish were stocked. During this week the Lake received its weekly usual allocation and was stocked on the 11th and 12th - well before the competition. The Lake management ensures that stock fish are spread evenly around the whole water (via well boat) and well before important competitions. The stocking book record is available for all interested parties - upon request. The good catches of fish at the Malling shore are likely to have been due to environmental conditions i.e. cooler water nearer the surface and the arrival of cloud cover. The number of teams qualifying for the TFEO final will do so on a pro-rata basis according to the number of entrants and the percentage of the top teams score.

The hot weather may be a factor in other issues that have surface this week. With complaints made about anglers standing during competitions where this is not allowed, and a dispute on Sunday where anglers were seen to be fishing in the excluded area beyond the buoyed rope in cages bay. No doubt knowledge of the big fish in this area contributed to the fracas.

Back to the fishing:

Scottish Club Championships Results: The 12th heat of the Scottish club championships sponsored by the Daily Record and Bowmore with additional prizes from the Angling Centre Stirling, saw 25 boats land 47 trout. Following several complaints due to Bridge of Allan 76 team member A.Laird standing, which is against the rules, Bridge of Allan were disqualified. They would have been first. Qualifying teams: 1st Creiff Flyfishers 7 fish and 2nd were Inverurie with 5 fish and 3rd Loanhead and District. Individuals through to the Champion of Champions are 1st Mike Willis (Br. Of Allan) with 8 for 16lbs 6oz., who was fishing the road shore with a blob, cormorant and cat on a DI3 line, 2nd S.Martin ( Inverurie), 3rd Peter Shepard. Mike Willis got the bottle for the biggest fish.

Glenkinchie Boat League 10th Night 20th July
The 34 anglers landed 127 trout for 272lbs. Peter Auchterlonie was first with a bag of 7 fish for 17lbs 10 (including a capped 7 pounder and 6 pounder). Peter was fishing in Gateside Bay. 2nd was A.MacKay with 7 for 16lbs 12oz (Bottle) and 3rd was G.MacKay (Bottle) with 7 for 16lbs 10oz. and then D.Downie 4th, A.Wilkie 5th, D.bonnington 6th and A.Mckellor 7th – all had limit bags. The Duck was not present. With 10 heats now fished and only 8 heats counting, the gap is closing at the top. The official number crunchers computer was stolen so prior to Alberto getting back on his feet, by my reckoning, the league is now headed by J.Litster with 30 points followed by P.Auchterlonie on 37, D.Paterson 41 points, A.MacKay 44 points, J.Kaye 64 points and D.Downie 73 points. Looking forward to end of League presentation and registration for next year on the 17th August. I am hoping to organise a spit roast so please let me know if you can attend on this date.