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Issued TMonday 24th October

Last week at Lake for 2005.
The Lake closes for trout fishing on Monday 31st of October and thoughts are starting to turn to the season ahead in 2006. However, there are still good catches to be had at the Lake and hopefully this bodes well for the following season. The long range forecasters say there is a strong likely hood of a cold winter ahead – we’ll have to wait and see what comes. I’m hoping for ice on the Lake to discourage the cormorants and for a bit of a skate.

Some nice fish are still coming out of Gateside Bay. Jim Raeburn landed this 7lb 12oz bow on the 18th October. The fish took a green and black cat’s whisker for several long runs - on 5lb nylon.

Hot spots have varied throughout the week with Sam’s Point, Lochend and the Butts all producing good bags. The booby or cats has been popular on a midge tip or floater. I also received some reports of reasonable catches in the Heronry and Malling shore. There seemed quite a high incidence of cormorant damage – especially in bags from the western shore. Cormorants appear to prefer fishing in the deeper water and taking their fish from below? Perhaps they are too buoyant when fishing in shallow water? There will be further reports in the coming weeks detailing; the end of season catches, pike fishing, yearly summary and our plans for next year.

Club Results: Thack (6 boats) 29 fish for 66lbs, Rainbow Warriors (7 boats) 30 fish 73lbs, K2O Perth (6 boats) 21 fish for 46lbs. Many limit bags this week; T.Ward and J.Davie 15 for 31lbs 6 and returned 11, Bill Barnes & Co 15 for 33lbs, G.McGinlay 15 for 32lbs, D.Paterson 9 for 20lbs… name a few.

There are no more boats left for the Kirk and School Fundraiser on the 6th November.
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