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Weekly Report
Issued 22nd August 2005


Glenkinchie Boat League 2005- New Champion Peter Auchterlonie
The Glenkinchie League kept us waiting until the last and 14th outing before revealing the new champion - Peter Auchterlonie from Creiff. Peter was “delighted, really chuffed, over the moon; at managing to beat quite a few really good anglers on a league basis”. According to Peter, his success can be largely attributed to pulling standard lures (although not always -sometimes boobies and sometimes dries were the answer). He was finding things a bit difficult at the beginning of the season as a result of a hernia operation but soon bounced back. It was consistency that was the key to his league triumph – knowing where the fish are and what to use to catch them. Peter’s top 8 placings out of 14 outings totalled 18 points (1 point for 1st place 2 for 2nd etc). 2nd place went to James Litster from Ayrshire with 23 points for his best 8 outings. James’s best performances were mainly on dries – and if the league had been decided on average score then Mr Litster would have won by 27 points. However, the league has always been decided on a proportion of the possible nights (to allow anglers a summer holiday or whatever) and even if it had been decided on the best 12 out of a possible 14, Mr Auchterlonie would still have been the outright winner. Peter is a thoroughly deserved champion. 3rd placed was Andy Mackay of the Glasgow Angling Centre with 24 points from his best 8 bags. The winner of the Alan Ronald (previous champ) memorial trophy for heaviest fish was 4th placed (30 points) David Paterson with an unassailable 9 pounder. Placings can be seen under /events/Glenkinchie on the website.

All in all with 60 competitors, the League is going from strength to strength – but there is always room for improvement. We would like to thank Glenkinchie Malt Whisky (Isabel Gardner of Glenkinchie pictured on left with new champion) for their tremendous support over the last 4 years and we are also wishing them good luck as they have decided it is time to move on as sponsors. Does anyone want to sponsor the League? We would need a weekly prize(s). It is a prestigious event on Scotland’s most popular fishery (according to a recent pole in the Trout Fisherman Magazine), so attaining a new sponsor is not anticipated to be a problem. But do you know anyone who is interested in promoting their business?

Scottish Anglers National Association Open Championship Final 22/8/05
27 boats landed 144 fish for 278lbs. The new SANA Open Champion is James Gardner from East Lothian (pictured right) with 9 fish for 16lbs 6oz. 2nd was W.Leach (Falkirk) with 8 fish for 15lbs 13oz and 3rd was J.Litster with 8 fish for 14lbs 10oz. The Open Pairs Champions for the second year in a row are James Litster and Jim Crawford from Ayrshire (pictured left). They landed 13 fish for 24lbs 12oz. 2nd was James Gardner and D.Bonnington with 12 fish for 21lbs and 3rd were Peter Edge and John Morton with 11 fish for 19lbs 1oz.