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Weekly report issued 22nd November 2005



Menteith Pike Angling under way.

Two of the four pike angling days scheduled for this winter have taken place at the Lake of Menteith. Catches have been very encouraging. The biggest fish so far this winter was a 29lb 12oz fish taken by David Hendry (see below) from Glasgow on 12th November. David was using a mackerel strip and the fish was taken at the very start of the day on the western shores.

The Pike Anglers Alliance Scotland (PAAS) had one of their two annual outings on the Lake on Saturday 5th November. This event was a lure only day. 146 fish were caught and all were returned by the 48 anglers. The biggest fish landed was a 23 ½ lb fish – caught by Spencer Burgo of Newcastle. The weight distribution of the catch was as follows; 59 pike less than 6lb, 43 pike were between 6 and 10lbs, 44 pike were between 10 and 20lbs and 2 pike were greater than 20lbs. On the 12th November the Pike Anglers Club (PAC) had one of their outings in which lure and dead bait methods were used. The 62 anglers landed 151 fish. The weight distribution of the catch was as follows; 45 pike less than 6lbs, 48 pike between 6 and 10lbs, 50 pike between 10 and 20lbs and 8 pike over 20lbs. Barbless hooks are a pre-requisite and all the pike were returned. Interestingly for the trout anglers a beautifull 13lb trout was recorded in the catches - it took a lure about 9 inches long and was returned fit and well for another day.

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