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Weekly report issued 19th September 2005

Some frosts and winds this week, and the 6ft water temperature fell to 15C with a clarity reading of 2.5m on the secchi disk. The water column is becoming well mixed now and the fish are being found in greatest abundance in the shallow bays. Lochend, Hotel Bay, Todhole, Butts Bay and Portend Burnmouth have all featured this week. The wind direction has been predominantly from the south-west through to north west. Are the fish going with the wind? Top tactics have included cats on slime lines, nymphing (usually largish lure with slow or very slow retrieve) and dries.

Congratulations to some new Caps from the recent National Championships at Loch Leven. David Paterson of Grangemouth AC (left) finally succeeded in gaining his well deserved Scottish cap – having qualified for the national final 13 (?) times. Paul Garner of Denny AC (Pictured right, on the Teith’s Blue Banks last week) also a new cap. Well done to all the others and to the new Scottish Champion Alastair Mair of Lochinch AC. Pictured middle is Derek Barclay who was top Scottish bag in the recent international at the Lake. Derek is holding a 7lb 2oz Menteith resident taken two weeks ago.

Scottish Club Championships – semi final results 16/9/05
30 boats landed 177 fish for 361 lbs (rod average 2.95). Anglers took the first 4 fish and returned subsequent fish unless badly hooked. 63 fish were returned. Top rod was Robert Fullerton with 13 fish for 25lbs 14oz. Robert was fishing at Lochend with a blob, white cat on a slime line. Top club was Strathleven AC (Morgan, Fullerton and Forbes) with 26 fish for 56lbs 1oz. 2nd were Balfron Piscatorial with 24 fish for 47lbs 8oz and 3rd were Change AC with 21 fish for 40lbs 6oz. Other teams qualifying for the final on Friday 30th September were Strathgryffe, West Coast AC, Sunburst, Newtyle and Meigle and SANA.

Clubs and other Catches:
Dunbar and Dixon 24 fish all returned, Stanley AC (5 boats) 31 fish 69lbs, Rainbow (5 boats) 20 fish for 44lbs, Rainbow (4 boats) 26 fish for 43lbs, Tradeshouse (7 boats) 17 fish for 36lbs, Clacks (3 boats) 17 fish for 39lbs, Leslie and Glenrothes (4 boats) 18 fish. Vale of Leven (11 anglers) 20 fish, Heriots AC (8 boats) 48 fish of which 20 rtd.

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