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Weekly Report
Issued 19th April 2005

Water temperature is climbing gradually and is now 9C at 6ft. Clarity has improved to 2.3m on the Secchi Disk. Some more big bags this week making for good sport when the weather allows. Fishing is still concentrated in the eastern basin with Hotel Bay, Road shore, Lochend and the Butts being the favourite drifts. Slime lines or intermediate with a small lure e.g. straggly cat, blob, dancer or buzzers (depending on the wave) have all been effective. Huge shoals of yearling roach fry can be found in some locations.

Good Individual bags: Frew/Sinclair Dundonald 15 fish for 46lbs and 4 returned, A.McKay Port Glasgow 11 fish for 38lbs and 12 rtd., D.Downie Erskine 7 fish for 17lbs and 7 rtd, Neil/Kean Fairlie 31 fish (incl 3 brown trout) all rtd, Hayward/Kyle 15 fish for 40lbs and lots(?) rtd, A.McMahon Coalburn 15 for 35lbs.

Club results for this week
Phoenix AC (6 boats) 19 fish for 42lbs, Milngavie AC (3 boats) 27 fish for 60lbs 4rtd, Rainbow warriors 8 boats 52 fish for 117lbs, Balbeggie – no return.

Steve Ormrod of the Pike Anglers Club with the largest pike to be caught during the trout close season at the Lake. It weighed at least 32lbs said Steve – although with the wave motion the scales were fluctuating between 32 and 36lbs. The pike was one of two 30lb plus fish caught during the winter was caught in mid –March using a mackeral.