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Issued Tuesday 18th October

Exclusion Zone Lifted, and Last Stocking at Menteith in 2005.
The Lake is currently fishing well which makes the end of season approach and the now dwindling number of anglers venturing forth, all the harder to contemplate. For example Monday’s average boat catch was over 7 fish per boat. Our last stocking of 600 two pounders went in on the 17th October. With only two more weeks of trout fishing left at Menteith, the 6ft water temperature is rapidly chilling and is currently 11C.

The removal of the fish pens from Gateside Bay was an immediate success with 4 seven pound plus fish caught in that area the following day. John Buchanan of Gargunnock (left) was one of the lucky anglers and he tempted this on grown beauty with a black booby on a DI 6 sinking line.

Hotspots remain the same; Reedy Point, Road Shore, Lochend, Butts and Gateside Bay. With the exception of Gateside Bay, where going deep has been the key, anglers have been using lures combined with smaller flies on slime or floating lines with short sink (midge) tips. The surface fished booby has accounted for some good bags. Butts Bay (after a few days of easterlies) is finally holding fish.


Clubs Catches: Tap Shop (6 boats) 27 fish for 53lbs, Phoenix 14 fish 26lbs, Kelvinside AAc (3 boats) 13 fish for 26lbs, Milngavie (5 boats) 19 fish for 45lbs, Heriots FP (8 boats) 11 fish for 28lbs and 35 fish returned, Creiff FF (3 boats) 22 fish all returned, SSEB (12 boats) 41 fish for 86lbs, Strathclyde Police 47 trout for 93lbs 12oz.

There are no more boats left for the Kirk and School Fundraiser on the 6th November.
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