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Weekly Report
Issued 17th May 2005

Weekly report 11th - 17th May 2005
Water temperature has been on the rise in the last week and is now 14.5C at 6ft and clarity has also been excellent – hovering around 3m on the Secchi disk. The water was stocked on 13th May (1100 rainbows). 10 ducklings present at the last count ( right). Stactic buzzer and dry fly has been providing very enjoyable and relaxing fishing mainly in the eastern basin.
However the fish did want the buzzers (black/green/red) fished slowly and in a strong wind the best tactic was to move away from the busy and wavy hot spots and buzzer fish in more sheltered areas – as John Hood of Culross (below left) did at Stable Point to land the ……..
Title of Disabled National Champion. On a difficult day (clear water, bright and windy) John boated 4 fish for 7lbs 5oz. 2nd was Steve Gill with 2 fish for 5lbs 5oz and 3rd was John Bryce with 3 fish for 4lbs 3oz. Also qualifying for the national team were K.Foster, F.Renwick, A.Nelson, R.Mitchell, J.Crawford and A.Lawson. Best Boatman was Gary MacLachlan with 7 fish.

Scottish Anglers National Association Championship Prelims.
Stocking was postponed until after these two prelims took place. In the first heat 54 anglers landed 230 fish for 428lbs – almost all the fish were caught on buzzers. The cut off weight for qualification was 7lbs 12oz. There were 9 limits and 3 blanks. Best bag was C.Wilson of Cowdenbeath AC.

In the second heat 2 days later 56 anglers landed 233 fish for 470lbs. The cut off weight for qualification increased to 9lbs 2oz and the best bag was landed by D.Clark. There were 11 limit bags and 6 blank rods. Again, practically all the fish were landed on buzzers.

Club Results: LLAC 7 boats 43 fish for 68lbs, Tap Shop 7 boats 42 fish 90lbs, Central Scotland Police 7 boats 24 fish 56lbs.

Scottish Club Championships Results: The Second heat of the Scottish club championships sponsored by the Daily Record and Bowmore Whisky was held on the evening of 14th May . 15 three men teams caught 69 fish for 149lbs. Qualifying teams: 1st were Grizzlecats B (apologies, last week Grizzle A qualified – not B) with 16 fish for 32lbs, 2nd were Change AC with 9 fish for 18lbs and 3rd were Butcher Boys with 7 fish for 16lbs. Individuals through to the Champion of Champions are 1st A Hill, 2nd K.McCabe, 3rd J.Crawford and 4th equal D.Skedd and A.Winning. Top tactics on the night - buzzers and floating line.