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Weekly Report
Issued 14th June 2005

Water temperature reached 19C at 6ft on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th and this really can be a bogey temperature at the Lake if clarity is not at its best. The fish go down but are still spread out and can be difficult to find and the best method appeared to be near surface tactics and enticing the fish to come up. A couple of cold nights have brought the temperature down to 16C at 6ft and the clarity has improved to 3.1m and this has made things a bit easier. Areas reportedly holding fish well are Kates Brae, Road shore, International Bay, Reedy Point, Gateside Bay, Stable Point and the Rookery. The lake abounds in pin-head roach fry located mainly on reed bed fringes. 1400 trout of average weight 2lbs were stocked during the previous week.

Scottish Club Championships Results: The sixth heat of the Scottish club championships sponsored by the Daily Record and Bowmore with additional prizes from the Angling Centre Stirling; saw 28 ½ boats land 44 trout for 83lbs. Another hard night of warm water and a big caenis hatch. Qualifying teams: 1st Strathgryffe, 2nd Ardrossan and Eglinton A and 3rd were Sunburst B. Individuals through to the Champion of Champions are 1st S.Pozzi of Rainbow who was fishing the washing line on a fast glass in the cages, 2nd K.Finlayson, 3rd G.Frew and 4th equal M.Hamilton and I.Earle. Biggest fish S.Pozzi 4lbs 7oz.

Glenkinchie Boat League 4th Night 8th May. The 35 anglers caught 56 trout for 104lbs. James Litster was top rod on the night and caught his fish on dries in the Tod Hole Gravel Pit area. Interestingly not content with catching his limit of 7 fish, he was reported to have caught the back of own head - with a booby. Apart from Jims big catch - Bill Ramage was second and 3= were Peter Auchterlonie and David Paterson. The Duck was awarded to Andy Makay who blanked on the night. There were quite a few candidates for the duck, but it was thought that it might be a while before Andy was up for it (the Duck that is) again. Another Caenis night. The League Placings are now 1st J.Litster 2nd equal W.Ramage and A.MacKay, 3rd equal G.Hayward and D.Paterson .

Scottish National Open Championship Results: In the second heat of the Scottish Fly Fishing Open Championships 38 anglers competed as individuals and or pairs and landed 68 fish for 121lbs. Top 2 pairs were 1st J.Crawford and J.Litster , 2nd D.Inglis and W.Leach. Top 2 individuals were J.Crawford and Alec MCEwan.

Club Results: Edinburgh Trout Anglers 8 boats 33 fish for 72lbs, Fire Brigade 18 boats 28 fish for 66lbs. Top rod on the day was Jim Twaddle of Cumbernauld with a bag of 6 fish (pictured above), Retired Polis 19 boats 29 fish 63lbs – won by Brian Clifton. IBM 11 boats 17 fish 36lbs, St.Mungo AC 11 boats 21 fish 40lbs, ABC&D 6 boats 32 fish 62lbs, Thack AC 6 boats 41 fish 80lbs, Farmers 7 boats 27 fish 52lbs.




Be aware of the adder. I found this one dead beside the herb patch in my garden on Sunday.