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Weekly Report
Issued 12th July 2005

Weekly report 12th July 2005
Biggest fish for over 20 years

On Saturday Lake regular Jim Litster (Kilmuars) Caught a cracker of a fish up in the cage bay, in tipped the scales at 12lb 5oz. he caught it on a cat booby fishing a DI7 line on 8lb braking strain nylon. The fish was obviously a long time lake resident.
The water temp has risen to a year high of 21oC and the water clarity is 2.9 meters. It has been more a week for sunbathing than fishing with the bright sun, but there are still plenty fish getting caught. The main areas are Gateside Bay, Stable point, behind Dog Island, Malling shore and out in the deep water. The flies that have been catching fish include booby (various colours), damsels, cormorant, snatchers, cat’s whisker etc., fished on a sinking line with a slow figure of 8 retreive.
On Wednesday there was a Youth development day with 22 boys coming to try their hand at fishing. They had some casting tuition on the shore from accredited coaches before being let loose on the lake. We would like to give a big thanks to Tom Taggart, coaches and boatmen for taking the boys out. Between them they managed to catch 9 fish.
Notable catches for this week
Tuesday 5th July: Single Angler, I Docherty (Milngavie) 7 fish 13lb 1oz, Single angler D Paterson (Stenhousemuir) 7 fish 13lb 12oz. At night Clackmannan County angling association held their yearly competition for the fishing clubs in the Clackmannan area and it was dominated by Scottish Ladies internationalist Morag Wallace She caught 8 fish for 16lb 15oz. She had a dreadful start as she broke her rod before leaving the beach. Morag was fishing a team of a white Cats whisker, Damsel and an orange Blob. Clackmannan AC (Morag Wallace & George White) won the team event with 9 fish for 18lb 14oz.
Wednesday 6th July: The Currie Brothers (Bannockburn) 10 fish 22lb 4oz. Ward (Cumnock) 9 fish 19lb 7oz. Mr & Mrs Davies on holiday from Mold, caught 7 fish for 20lb 4oz, including one at 6lb 5oz plus 4 returned. At night the Glenkinchie boat league had 77 fish for 166lb. It was won by League leader Jim Litster with 7 fish 14lb 4oz. Heaviest fish of the night (and the league so far) was caught by David Paterson at 9lb 12oz. The bottles were won by Cameron Neil he had 5fish for 10lb 5oz, and Derrick Marklaw with 4 fish 9lb 12oz. The grotty duck was won by Scott Breingan for blanking.
Thursday 7th July: Jim law (Wishaw) 7 fish 14lb. Mr Reid and son on holiday from England, 11 fish 29lb. R Fullerton (Killburnie) 11 fish 27lb plus 9 returned. At Night, the last night of the Trossachs boat league was held and was won on the night by Gartmore but won over all by Thistle AC. They win the trophy, Whisky and fishing vouchers. It was fished over 4 outings
Friday 8th July: Single angler J McCraik (Glasgow) 5 fish 10lb 11oz. St Mungos AC 26 fish 63lb. Edinburgh Flydressers Guild (5 boats) 23 fish 50lb.
Saturday 9th July: Paton AC (4 Boats) 19 fish 41lb 10oz. West coast AC (5 boats) 49 fish 73lb. McConnell/Witheyman (East Kilbride) 11 fish 25lb. Litster/Crawford (Kilmuars) 11 fish 36lb including one at 12lb 5oz. at Night heat 10 of the Scottish club championships the 18 teams caught 71 fish 143lb. it was won by Crawfordland FF (I Jones, W Jones and G Donnely) had 12 fish for 25lb 9oz. 2nd was ABC&D with 8 fish for 18lb. 3rd was SANA with 9 fish for 16lb 11oz. Top rod was Ian Jones (Crawfordland) 8fish 15lb 12oz. 2nd G Flemming (Johnson FF) 4 fish 9lb 11oz. 3rd L Renfrew, (Milngavie) 4 fish 9lb. 4th W Cowan 4 fish8lb 13oz. Heaviest fish was caught by G Heseltine (Norhet) 3lb5oz.
Sunday 10th July: Crawfordland FF (6 boats) 39 fish 76lb. Rainbow Warriors (5 boats) 31 fish 60lb 4oz. Forbes (Glasgow) 7 fish 17lb 8oz.