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Weekly Report
Issued 10th May 2005

April Results at the Lake 2005

Catches at Menteith were a fantastic 5.6 fish per boat (6.5 if released fish are included) for 13.2lbs (or 15.3lbs). Average fish weight was 2lbs 6oz. 13% of fish were recorded as released and it is this factor that has helped to boost catches to record levels.

Weekly report issued 10th May 2005
Water temperature has dropped back to 10C and clarity excellent at 3m on the Secchi disk. North and Nor’West winds combined with the clarity and bright sunshine made catching hard over the weekend. However sport improved drastically on Monday when windspeed was reduced and some cloud cover arrived. A lot of anglers did exceedingly well on lures and buzzers. The hot spots are generally still down wind, i.e. the shore road, Lochend and the Butts. If it is dull, fishing can be great near the surface but in bright conditions it will certainly pay to go deeper and disguise the line. Some fine jaggy tailed on grown fish have been caught as these two specimens (Captors: D.Paterson on left and T.Ward) from Mondays catch testify.

Club Results: Scottish Civil Service Chamionship 21 boats 138fish for 300lbs, SCSC 24 boats 156 fish 270lbs, Pencaitland AC 10 boats 16 fish 31lbs, Edinburgh Medical 5 boats 1 fish 3lbs.

Scottish Club Championships Results: The first heat of the Scottish club championships sponsored by the Daily Record and Bowmore Whisky was held on the evening of .7th May . 16 three men teams caught 63 fish for 127lbs on a cold windy night. Qualifying teams: 1st were Grizzlecats B with 14 fish for 32lbs, 2nd were Roscobie Loch with 6 fish for 14lbs and 3rd were Newtyle and Meigle with 6 fish for 13lbs 8oz. Individuals through to the Champion of Champions are 1st D.Ingles, 2nd M.Millen, 3rd D.Milne and 4th B.Frazer. Biggest fish – D.Milne 4lbs 3oz.

Other News
A recent capsizing incident at another fishery but involving similar boats to those at Menteith serves to highlight why anglers wear lifejackets. A boat under-power hit a large wave, swerved and an angler and seat slipped off the gunnels and fell into the wrong side of the boat. The boat overturned. Anglers should not sit on boat seat and motor under power and must wear life jackets.

The Lake of Menteith Hotel has received planning permission for their new angler’s bar which will also serve snacks breakfasts etc. It is estimated that this facility will be ready around July 2005.