Weekly report 8th August 2005
The water temp has not changed this week and stays at 18oC at 6 feet down and the water clarity is 2 metres. This week it started very windy which made it difficult but there was still a good number of fish caught. The places to try are the road shore, Cage Bay, Stable Point, up behind Dog Island and the Malling shore. The flies that have been catching fish this week include; Diawl Bachs, Black Boobys, Buzzers, Damsels, Cormorant, Cats Whisker etc, at all depths.
Notable catches for this week.
Tuesday 2nd August: There was a police inter-force competition with 4 members from each of 8 forces in Scotland, they caught 112 fish for 253lb 6oz. The team who came out top was Lothian and Borders with 24 fish for 50lb 8oz. Second was Dumfries and Galloway with 17 fish for 39lb 15oz. Top cop was Jamie Picken from Dumfries and Galloway with 8 fish for 20lb. Tayside were out in a separate outing (5 boats) 21 fish for 47lb 4oz.
Wednesday 3rd August: Today’s Competition was the intercities, with anglers from the different clubs in each city joining forces to compete against the other teams. They caught 80 fish for 169lb 14oz. Glasgow came out on top with 35 fish for 73lbs. Ward (Cumnock) 6 fish 12lb 14oz, J Horne, (Tillicoultry) 6 fish 14lb 14oz, S McCormick (Kilmarnock) 6 fish 12lb. At night it was a windy night for the 12th week of the Glenkinchie boat league and only 24 anglers turned up but they caught 66 fish weighing 152lbs. Top rod of the night was Peter Auchterlonie, with 7 fish for 17lb 1oz. He caught his seven fish up in the cage bay on a Kate MacKlaren and a Damsel Nymph on an intermediate line at the cages, he had his limit by 7:30. Second was Walter Archibald who also bagged up with his fish weighing 16lb 15oz. Walter got his fish up at the Silage pit on a Cormorant fishing a Midge tip line. That catch got him a bottle of Glenkinchie Malt. Third was Bill Ramage with 6 fish for 13lb 8oz. The best Fish of the night was a lovely blue trout weighing in at 6lb 30z and was caught by Alaster McKellar; it was caught on a size 12 Black buzzer. To make life difficult for himself he got his line tangled and had to get his boat partner (Alastair Mair) to unravel the line as he brought it in. With all that effort, he deserved the bottle of Glenkinchie Malt. The grotty duck is back from its holiday and was won by Derek Robertson, the other two candidates hid in the car park.
Thursday 4th August: Lothian and Borders police had their yearly match with Strathclyde police, (10 boats) between them they caught 71 fish for 159lb 6oz. The trophy goes east this year with Lothian and borders catching 47 fish for 102lb 9oz. Single angler D Marno (Crianlarich) 6 fish 14lb 8oz, K Jack (Balloch) 5 fish 10lb 12oz.
Friday 5th August: Gall/Moncur (Arbroath) 11 fish for 22lb 12oz, St Mungo AC (6 boats) 26 fish 56lbs,D Charmers 8 fish 14lb 12oz, C Smith 7 fish 16lb 8oz.
Saturday 6th August: Ambrose/Donald (Glasgow)11 fish 25lb 4oz, ABC&D (6 boats) 80 fish 173lb, Farranti (4 boats) 16 fish 39lb 8oz. At Night it was the 14th and last heat of the Scottish club championships and the 19 teams caught 59 fish for 127lb. It was won by Coldstream (K Renton, E Shaw and D Logan); they caught 7fish for 14lb 2oz and receive a bottle of Glen Garioch Malt Whisky. Second was Avonbank with 4 fish for 12lb 11oz. Third was Hedgehogs A with 5 fish for 12lb 6oz. Top rod was Les Grant (Avonbank) 3 fish 10lb 14oz. He also gets a bottle of Glen Garioch Malt Whisky. Second was Derek Logan (Coldstream) 4 fish 9lb 9oz. Third was M Selvay, (Monefeith) 4 fish 8lb 13oz. Fourth was S Galloway (Stirling Castle) 3 fish 7lb 4oz. Heaviest fish of the night was caught by Stewart Malcomson (Hedgehogs) weighing 6lbs 15oz and gets him a bottle of Glen Garioch Malt Whisky.
Sunday 7th August: Farmers (7 boats) 19 fish 40lb 13oz, Pencaitland AC (9 boats) 22 fish 50lb, Strathgryfe Angling association (5 boats) 17 fish 39lb 15oz.