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Issued 4th April 2005

This week the water temp rose by nearly 3°C to 11C and the water clarity rose to 3metres. There has also been a big hatch of daphnia.
With not much wind about there was a lot of fish moving around on the surface so many anglers decided to put on a floating line and small fly’s to great success.
The main areas included from the ferry jetty round to shear pin point, Hotel Bay, the Road Shore, Kate’s Brae, Lochend, Todds hole, otter bay up to Armach Point.
Among the more popular tactics were including buzzers and floating lines, slime lines and traditionals or lures and slow sinking lines with Kate Mclaren, blobs, damsels, Techno cats, boobies, cormorant etc.
There was a few bigger fish caught this week, one was a lovely wild brownie at 5lb, it was caught by Steve McGregor from Beith. He caught it on a black dog nobblers fishing a floating line!
Notable catches for this week
Tuesday 29th March: McCarry/Forgan/Walker, 13 fish 28lb (plus 6 fish Returned). McGregor (2boats) 20fish 50lb. Single Angler, P Owen 7 fish 15lb 1oz.
Wednesday 30th March: Esson/Leiper (Kilsyth) 6 fish 23lb 4oz including the biggest fish of the year so far at 9lbs. Davie/Brice 8 fish 31lb 8oz.
Thursday 31st March: Hunter/Auchterlonie (Dunkeld) 13 fish 33lb8oz (plus 7 fish returned), Anderson/Hamilton (Hurleford) 15 fish 30lb (plus 9 fish returned).
Friday 1st April: Ciba (7 boats) 56 fish 144lb 10oz. Downie/McKay (Glasgow) 15 fish 40lb (plus 12 fish returned), Low/McKinlay (East Kilbride) 15 fish 39lbs (plus 2 fish returned),Clement/Chisolm (Tyndrum) 15 fish 42lb (plus 4 Fish returned)
Saturday 2nd April: Bothwell and Blantyre (6 boats) 27 fish 64lb 8oz, IBM (11 boats) 128 fish for 256lbs, Smith/Cowan 15 fish 41lb 3oz.
Sunday 3rd April: Kilbirnie (7 boats) 55 fish 112lb, Minathorp FC, (4 boats) 26 fish 62lb, Johnson (3 boats) 21 fish 47lb, Union & Crown (5 boats) 27 fish 69lb.