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2002 winners StrathLeven Stamp Name on the Silver Plate Again
The 2005 Final of the Scottish Club Championships took place on the 30th September. The culmination of 14 heats throughout the season. Arguably Scotland’s biggest Fishing competition with entries from 250 club teams from Shetland to the Borders, and 750 individuals taking part. The 16 teams to reach the final were greeted with another wet and windy day but luckily escaped the gales and managed to catch 250 fish for 530lbs of which 90 fish were returned. A Championship dinner was held afterwards in the Forth Inn, Aberfoyle. The main sponsors the Daily Record announced their continuing funding of the event and medals and prizes were awarded by the Angling Centre Stirling’s Martin Grantham and Championship secretary Kenny Millar. Thanks were expressed to the Anglers, the organisers and the sponsors (also Bowmore Whisky) by the fishery manager Quintin Glen. As the results show it was a very, very closely contested final, with the top three teams all catching 21 fish and weight being the deciding factor.

1st Strathleven 21 fish 46lbs.
2nd St.Serfs 21 fsih 45lbs 1oz.
3rd Newtyle/ Meigle 21 fish 43lbs 9oz

4th Change AC 20 fish 43lbs 9oz
5th SANA 19 fish 39lbs
6th Balfron Pisc’ls 19 fish 38lbs 6oz
7th Crieff 18 fish 37lbs
8th Grizzlecats 18 fish 37lbs
9th Sunburst 17 fish 36lbs 8oz
10th West Coast 18 fish 36lbs
11th Eaglesham 16 fish 30lbs 8oz
12th Avonbank 11 fish 26lbs 10oz
13th Loanhead & Dist 10 fish for 26lbs
14th Pinkertons 10 fish for 23lbs
15th Strathgryffe 6 fish for 11lbs 8oz
16th Dunoon &Dist 5 fish for 8lbs 6oz

The winning club (pictured above left to right: Donald Forbes (4 fish), Campbell Morgan (9fish) and Robert Fullerton (8 fish)) from Strathleven, Dumbartonshire, collected the silver plate, rods, whisky and £500. Campbell Morgan was fishing a virtually static washing line with the aid of a rio midge tip line. His flies consisted of a booby-cormorant on the tail, cormorant, hair’s ear snatcher and diawl bach. His fish were landed mainly in Hotel Bay. Robert was also fishing 4 flies on a slime line between Sam’s Point and the Hotel and caught 5 fish on the candy floss booby on the tail, 1 fish on his orange blob bob, 1 fish on an orange cormorant and 1 fish on a green cormorant. 5 of his fish were taken with his flies on the hang – yards from the boat. Donald was fishing 3 white cats and a pearly buzzer on the road shore. Campbell Morgan was also the top rod on the day with 9 fish for 19lbs 7oz. Hardlines to St.Serf’s Alan Smith, Michael Wilson and Donald MacGregor who were again runners up (previously 2003) – The £200 prize money will be a little consolation.

We have a Fundraiser with fishing (12pm till 4pm ish) and barbeque to close the season on Sunday the 6th November. Please book with Mrs Nesbit. Tickets are £30 which includes a boat and barbeque ticket for two. All proceeds go to the Port Primary School and Port Kirk.

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