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Weekly Report
Issued 2nd August 2005

The water temp has been steadily dropping and it now stands at 18oC at 6 feet down and the water clarity is 2 meters. This week has been a good week for fishing near the surface with plenty cloud cover and not much wind. The fish are starting to move into the shallower water. The places to try are in front of the hotel, the road shore, stable point, up behind Dog Island and the Malling shore. The fly’s that have been catching fish this week include Pheasant tail nymphs, Diawl Bachs, CDC’s, Damsels, Cormorant, Cats Whisker etc, fished on a Floating or a slow sinking line doing a slow figure of 8, almost static.
Notable catches for this week.
Tuesday 26th July: A fund raising competition for CHAS was held and 19 Anglers took part. The prizes were kindly donated by Kevin McCabe and Bowmore distillery. So far there was £2650 raised with money still coming in. There was 79 fish of which 28 were returned. Top rod was Kevin McCabe (Port Seton) caught 13 fish; he won a trout in a glass case. Second was David Ellison with 10 fish. Third was Kenny Sichie with 9 fish. The heaviest fish of 4lb 9oz was caught by Billy Boe, it was his only fish! But it won him a bottle of Bowmore malt Whisky. The person who raised the most sponsor money was Kevin McCabe who won a fish smoker, but as he already won a prize he handed it to Derek Marklow (Penicuik), who raised the second largest amount. The rod and reels went to Fraser Renwick and Scot Breingan who were the only anglers to blank.
Wednesday 27th July: Ward (Cumnock) 14 fish 35lb 6oz, Mr Anderson (Carstairs) 13 fish 27lb 5oz, G Niven and son (Edinburgh)7 fish 23lb 4oz, The Currie Brothers (Cowie) 11 fish 28lb 2oz. At night the 11th week of the Glenkinchie boat league had 30Anglers out and they caught 90 fish for 205lb. The night was won by Bill Ramage with 7 fish 17lb 8oz, and he won a bottle of Glenkinchie. Second was Jim Litster with 7 fish for 14lb 2oz. Third was Andy Mackay with 6fish for 13lb 8oz. Kenny Heenan also won a bottle for catching the Heaviest fish of the night weighing 4lb 12oz. It is getting complicated trying to work out how the placing's are going with only the top eight nights counting, but Jim Litster is still in front with Peter Auchterlonie in second place and Andy MacKay a close third. The grotty duck is on holiday so it couldn’t get presented.
Thursday 28th July: Single angler I Docherty (Milngavie)had 7 fish for 17lb 8oz. Stewart/Russell (Currie) 7 fish 21lb 12oz. McGlynn/Wilkie 12 fish 27lb. Bill Barnes (Glenrothes) 15 fish 32lb 4oz. Single angler J McCraik (Glasgow) 6 fish 12lb 12oz. Bell/Lucas Caught 13 fish and returned them all.
Friday 29th July: Single Angler Bill Ramage (Alva) 7 fish 16lb 10oz plus 4 returned. Edinburgh Civil service (4 boats) 29 fish 71lb 8oz. Tucker/Mooney (Port Glasgow) 8 fish 17lb 6oz. Perth RASC (4 boats) 27 fish for 60lb plus 1 returned.
Saturday 30th July: Sichie/Donald ( Glasgow)12 fish 32lb, At Night it was heat 13 of the Scottish club championships the 18 teams caught 83fish 175lb. It was won by North Berwick (A Wallace, K Woods and K Logan); they caught 11 fish for 27lb 10oz and receive a bottle of Glen Garioch Malt Whisky. Second was St Serfs with 8 fish for 17lb 8oz. Third was Newton Stewart with 8 fish for 16lb 8oz. Top rod was Adam Wallace, (North Berwick) 6 fish 16lb. He also gets a bottle of Glen Garioch Malt Whisky. Second was Alan Smith, (St Serfs) 7 fish 14lb 3oz. Third was Kenny Woods, (North Berwick) 5 fish 11lb 10oz. Fourth was Dougie McGillp (Lochgilped and district) 5 fish 10lb 15oz. Heaviest fish of the night was caught by Dougie McGillp (Lochgilped and district) weighing 5lbs and gets him a bottle of Glen Garioch Malt Whisky.
Sunday 31st July: Kinross ex service (7 boats) 18 fish 40lb. Game fair Berwick (7 boats) 13 fish 30lb 8oz.