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Weekly report issued 1st November 2005



Menteith Permit Prices
Static for 2006

Bookings for 2006 now being taken.

Reports will be issued throughout the close season relating to various issues.

For Pike Fishing at the Lake see Web Pages (under events). Six boats available for pike fishing at the Lake this Saturday (5th Nov) - all other pike days are fully booked at present. This is a PAAS day (see events) and membership of PAAS is required.

Prices for next year are now available and have been held static at 2005 prices for 2006. Only long evening charges and single angler evening charges have been increased by one pound. The Lake has now closed for the 2005 season and the mild conditions and good catches make me wonder if we should stay open further into November next year. A year which will be remembered by the success of the midge tip line. This weight forward floating line has a 1m clear intermediate tip and has been used with great success at the lake this season.

On Sunday 30th the Annual Chairman’s Day was held at the Lake. This is an invite day intended to thank as many of the organisers, helpers and anglers as possible. It is not an easy job singling out these individuals and there are always some notable omissions. The water aid organisers Gordon Inglis and Robin Lambert and TFEO match organiser Jim Hunter spring to mind. We’ll try and remember next year guys! The Chairman did a great job of thanking everyone. The importance of competitions in generating angler interest was stressed, as were our continuing plans to further youth angling development by way of a regular fortnightly youth outing at the Lake during the summer of 2006. Top rod on the day was John Kaye who got 3 fish of his 6 fish in the relatively boat free Sandy Bay. John’s rig consisted of midge tip line, booby on the bob at 5ft, and a further two diawl bachs at five foot intervals. A slow retrieve in the calm water meant that all the flies stayed below the surface. The two “hotspots” Sams Point and the Butts produced quite a lot of fish but one wonders how many fish other areas would produce if the same number of boats were employed.

Wheely Boat Mark 2. The Lake pick-up ventured to south wales to pick up the new sleeker, roomier, faster, wheely boat (designed for wheel chair users) last week. We will have an official launch early next year once the engine arrives and launching and car parking area is completed. Charges for use of the wheely boat will be heavily discounted.


Club Results: Luggie Bank (7 boats) 35 fish for 72lbs, Bank AC (4 boats) 14 fish for 34lbs, Brax AC (3 boats) 5 fish 12lbs,

For boat bookings telephone 01877 385664. Further information and email at, or write to Lake of Menteith fisheries, Ryeyards, Port of Menteith, Stirling FK8 3RA.