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Report for week ending 29th September 2004
Temperature at 6ft 13.5C; Clarity 2.1m.

Some more windy days with moderate (Force 4, 13-18mph wind speeds) or fresh (Force 5, 19-24mph) breezes. On the slightly calmer days we had bright sun shine. Wind and sunshine together make for difficult fishing, as it is difficult to get the fly down quickly.

Best areas have been Hotel Bay and Reedy Point and shear Pin Point with the boats retreating to the Shooting Butts, Bogle Knowe and Lochend in the south westerlies. Predominant lines are slime, slow and fast sinkers. Although the fish haven’t been all-that deep, these heavier lines start fishing a bit sooner, which helps when the boat is drifting quickly. Successful flies have ranged from lures to traditionals. Notable exceptions to all this, was the winning of St.Mungo Club Championship by Dick Ness on the 27th – using dries and buzzers and Dunbar and Dixon on dries on the 29th at Shear Point.

Catches have been very good when the weather permits with some spectacular ongrown specimens showing up. Tam Ward of Cumnock had a salmon like one at 7lbs 7oz from Todhole on an appetiser, and Geordie Black (pictured right)of Condorrat landed his 7lb 9 ouncer on a deluxe white cat at Portend Burn mouth.








The second Semi-final of the Scottish Interclub Championships took place on Friday 24th. Thirty-three boats landed 177 fish for 363lbs, an average catch of 11lbs per boat. An excellent catch but the fishing was harder than in the previous semi due to the wind and bright sunshine. Clubs qualifying for the Final on the 1st October (in order of merit) were Grizzle Cats B, Hedgehogs, St.Serfs A, Edinburgh Trout A, Newton Stewart A, Stanley and District, Newtyle and Meigle A, Dalzell Steel.

Club Results: Falkirk FC (4 boats) 12 fish 26lbs, Edinburgh Trout Anglers 10 boats 65 fish, 154lbs, Lochinch AC 9 boats 53 fish 117lbs, Townhill AC 8 boats 46 fish 95lbs, Kinglassie 5 boats 34 fish 76lbs, Tillycoultry 18 fish 38lbs, Canmore 4 boats 19 fish 47lbs, Cove and Kilcreggan 21 fish 53lbs.