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Report for week ending 25th May 2004
Temperature at 6ft 14C; Clarity 1.8m.
A difficult week with bright sunshine, strong winds and low water clarity. The fish have seen a lot of flies in the last week and many won’t be seeing any more. It is always difficult at the end of May after the SANA National Heats when the cream of Scottish Angling have been fishing. These anglers don’t like us to make it too easy, as they don’t want too kill too many fish. So we make it a challenge by holding back a little on the stocking. The last SANA heat prelim is now taking place and so we will be able to top up the Lake with a generous helping of fresh stockies. There are signs that the recent storm run off is starting to settle down – so hopefully we can expect an improvement in clarity in the coming weeks.

Most productive method has been slime to fast sinking lines. Boobies have been used to good effect in the last week. Hot spots have been Kates Brae and the burnmouth at Gateside Bay. However some success might be had with a big surface drawn dry. The Mayflies have been popping up all week but a calmer spell would help the next generation. Pictured below left are the Dunn or sub-imago (left) and the mature spinner emerging on the right. Mayflies are unique among insects in that they moult after reaching the winged stage. The spinner’s life is a short one – hence the order name ephemeroptera (greek for living for a day). The latest of the summer visitors, the swifts, are here now - and noising up the place. Pictured below right are Bob Ralston (Aberfoyle) and Jim Kerr (Gartmore) – finishing a drift in Hotel Bay.


Results of civil service competition will be posted in full next week - well done Eric and Frank.

Glenkinchie League 19th May. On the first night of the league 18 boats landed 74 fish for 145lbs. Walter Archibald collected the bottle for the heaviest bag (8 fish for 20lbs) and boat partner Adam Wallace won the bottle for the catching the heaviest fish. More details on the Glenkinchie page.

Scottish Club Championships and Daily Record Champion of Champions – 22nd May
The 19 three man teams caught 50 fish for 1113lbs – another difficult night.
1st Grizzlecats A (D.Inglis, T.Wilson, P.Edge) 10 fish 22lbs 14oz
2nd St.Serfs B (M.Wilson, J.Reid, G.Davie) 6 fish 15lbs 6oz
3rd Wellington B (S.Strachan, B.Strachan, W.Strachan) 5 fish 13lbs
Top 4 Individuals qualifying for the Champions Final were 1st T.Wilson (Grizzlecats) – blob, white cat and sparkler – Portend Burnmouth, 2nd D.Clark (Port Glasgow), 3rd M.Wilson (St.Serfs), 4th D.Inglis (Grizzlecats).

Background info on these competitions at Scottish Clubs Competition or see events.

SANA National Championship Prelim Results – 20th May
The top 50% (24 anglers progress to the semi-finals). Cut off weight was 4lbs. 24 boats landed 115 fish for 235lbs.
1st G.MacLachlan Greenock & Dist 8 fish 18.04
2nd J Dougall Shell Mossmorran 7 fish 15.01
3rd J Morton Troon & Dist 6 fish 12.13