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Report for week ending 20th July 2004
Temperature at 6ft 17C; Clarity 2.6.

More unsettled weather and moderate winds. Top methods have been slow sinkers with a lure and nymph type combination. Best areas have been Stable point to the Heronry and the Road Shore. The cool water temperatures for July means that the fish are still well spread out for the time of year.

Scottish Club Championships Heat no 11 – 17th July
The 19 three man teams caught 74 fish for 139lb First were Newton Stewart A (I.Muir, R.Wilson, C.Crosbie) with 6 fish for 15lbs 9oz. 2nd Newtyle and Meikle A (R.Bullions, D.Hogg, P.Bell) with 8 fish for 15lbs 3oz. 3rd Earlston A (D.Scott, R.Wilson, P.Hessett) 6 fish 13lbs 15oz. Top individual was Calum Crosbie (Newton Stewart A) with 6 fish for 15lb 9oz. – fishing a black and white booby and a firey brown snatcher on a slime then DI3 line. Calum was fishing in Gateside and the Roadshore. Essential to Calum’s success was a “big doddy jam”. 2nd P.Bryant (West Loth Fly) 5 fish for 9lbs 10oz. 3rd was D.Hogg (Newtyle A) 5 fish 9lbs 9oz and 4th was W.Winning (E.Kilbride) 4 fish for 8lbs 12oz. Heaviest fish of the night was 3lb 12oz caught by R.Wilson of Earlston A. The winning team, best individual and captor of the heaviest fish all received bottles of Bowmore Whisky.

Glenkinchie boat league – 14th July Evening 32 anglers caught 94 fish for 188lbs
David Downie has promised that he is going to post a picture and recipe for this white cat booby that he has been catching all his fish with ( Last night he was again top rod with 8 fish for 17lb exactly all taken in Gateside Bay, second was G Haywood with 7 fish for 16lb 11oz, largest fish was caught by G Fleming at 3lb 6oz who also caught 7 fish for 14lb 12oz.

The evening was pleasant with a westerly wind blowing all evening and most of the rods focused on the Road Shore and International Bay from about 150 yards out, there were not a lot of fish showing on the surface. The successful anglers all appeared to use nothing faster than a Di 3 with the majority using slow glass or floating lines, successful patterns included daiwl bachs and black nymphs.

Bottles of Glenkinchie were awarded to Alistair McKellar and G Fleming both for the heaviest bag. David Downie has succeeded now in extending his lead by 10lb over Jim Litster who is still very much in contention.