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Report for week ending 13th July 2004
Temperature at 6ft 16.5C; Clarity 2.3m

A bit more settled this week with some nice dry fly and nymphing conditions – for a change. The roach fry certainly are in abundance and they will be attracting some fish into the shallows – especially at night. Still plenty of daphnia about and also observed this week were massive floating rafts of solid buzzers – sedges have also been in abundance. Top techniques have been a slow sinker with a booby and diawl bach fished near the top, floating line with diawl bach – or a dry fly with a shipmans or gold ribbed hare’s ear. Best areas have varied considerably but have included - Arnmach Point, Reedy Point, Road Shore Deeps, Malling Shore and Gateside Bay. The cooler spell is keeping the fish spread out – this time last year the water temperature at 6ft was 21C.

The catch average per boat hire for June was calculated as 3.25 fish or 8.9lbs of fish. This is up on last June when the boat average catch was 3.11 fish per boat for 6.3lbs.

Anglian Water Fulling Mill International Qualifyer 13th July
The winners of the day heat (48 anglers caught 108 fish for 216lbs – rod average 2.25 fish for 4lbs 7oz) in which 8 six mans teams were competing, were Blane Valley Flyfishers (A.Laidlaw, M.Walker, K.Sichi, R.Murray, K.Finlayson and Gary McGinlay) with 20 fish for 43lbs 13oz. The other three teams to qualify for the Scottish Final at Leven were IBM Pure Fishing, Change Fly Fishers and Lochinch AC. Top bag during the day was Alberto Laidlaw with 6 fish using a DI3 line, booby and Diawl Bach, fishing from the middle to the road shore. In the Evening 4 six man teams competed and caught 73 fish for 149lbs – rod average 3 fish for 6lbs 3oz. Top team were the Grizzle Cats (Pictured left to right; D.Inglis, J.Crawford, J.Morton, P.Edge, T.Wilson and Jim Watson) with 27 fish for 59lbs 4oz. Also qualifying were Alba Flyfishers. Top bag on the night was Colin MacDonald (Dunoon & dist) with 8 fish for 13lbs 14oz. Colin caught most of his fish on a diawl bach and floating line.

Scottish Club Championships Heat no 10 – 10th July
The 18 three man teams caught 93 fish for 205lb 1oz. First were Bridge of Weir River (G.Hayward, G.Inglis and I.Stewart) with 9 fish for 22lbs 1oz. 2nd Thack AC (J.Millar, D.O’Hare, R.Roseweir) with 10 fish for 21lbs 3oz. 3rd Equal were Dalzell Steel (A.Colligan, H.Kane, C.Brown) 10 fish 19lbs 7oz and Falkirk FlyDressers – after an appeal (C.Duckart, N.Bruce, A.Martin), with 9 fish. Top individual was David Bell of Leslie Llanilar with 7 fish for 17lb 3oz. – fishing a coral booby on a DI3 line in the International Bay Deeps .2nd Iain Stuart (Br.of Weir) 6 fish for 16lbs - fishing the Arnmach Gap with dries. 3rd was C.Duchart (Falkirk Fly) 6 fish 14lbs 12oz and 4th was J.Kyle (Balfron Piscatorial) 6 fish for 12lbs. Heaviest fish of the night was 3lb 5oz caught by D.Paterson of Newtonmearns. The winning team, best individual and captor of the heaviest fish all received bottles of Bowmore Whisky.

Glenkinchie boat league – 7th July
The top rod for the evening was Jim McBride, the 2002 Glenkinchie League champion, who caught 8 fish for 21lb 14oz Jim caught his fish drifting from international bay towards Arnmach and the Butts with daiwl bachs on floating lines, second on the evening John Buchanan with 8 fish for 17lb 11oz. Our congratulations must go to Scottish Junior Internationalist Elaine McCracken with a notable 5 for 11lb 2oz from International Bay. Largest fish on the night was caught by Jim McBride with a fish of 3lb 6oz.
Bottles of Glenkinchie were won by Jim McBride for the heaviest bag, no large fish prize was given out so John Buchanan also received a bottle for the his bag of fish . J Litster is in pole position with Dave Downie moving into second place.