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Report for week ending 7th September 2004
Temperature at 6ft 17C; Clarity 2.2m.

Average catch in August was 3.3 fish per boat (3.7 including returned fish). The average weight of fish was 2lbs 1oz. – giving an average bag weight per boat of 6lbs 13oz. This was the lowest average bag number for a few years (e.g. 4.2 - 2003, 3.95 – 2002, 3.48 – 2001) – if returned fish are ignored. Considerably more fish are being returned these days, so a direct comparison is difficult. Stocking rates are similar to previous years – give or take a day or two (i.e. the fish are in there for the catching!). Much appreciated is the increasing discernment of anglers at the Lake who are happy to return some of their catch. Many individuals now do this but it was nice to see a club taking part – thank you Heriots AC.

The best drifts in recent days have been Stable Point, The Reeds and the Road Shore/Kates Brae (quite far out).


The highlight of the past week was the second and final heat of the Scottish Ladies National Flyfishing Championship on Sunday 5th September. The 15 boats landed 103 fish for 227lbs. The heat was won by Ladies President Helen Philps of Loch Fitty (centre) with 11 fish caught. Helen was fishing off the Stables with a Cortland Blue Line, 2 diawl bachs and a red-head damsel. She replaced the red head for a silver invicta and this was what turned out to be the most lethal fly. 2nd was Sheila Manion with 8 fish (on right), and 3rd placed was Elaine McCracken, also with 8 fish. Elaine (on left) from the Port of Menteith, has just graduated from the Youth Team, and thus also won the award for best new comer. Elaine was fishing a team of boobies on a D13 line - off reedy point. Those qualifying for the Ladies Team were Ailsa Smith, Elaine McCracken, Sheila Mannion, Helen Philps, Irene Clarke, Jay Steel, Jane Wright and Alison MacRae. Jean Ferguson, Margaret Johnston, M.Wallace, Liz Ellison and Wendy Mitchell had all already qualified.


Jay Steel of Cowans Law with one of her fish.