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Report for week ending 7th June and May Catch Statistics.
Temperature at 6ft 16C; Clarity 3m.
Many fantastic specimens in the bags this week with a smashing average weight of 2lbs 10oz.

May Stats: Average boat catch weighed in for May was 3.73 fish for 8.04lbs. Average fish weight was 2lbs 2½oz. 94 fish were recorded as caught and returned. May’s results were up on last year when 3.62 fish were recorded caught per boat hire for a weight of 7lbs 6oz. Would all anglers who catch and release at the Lake please record the number of fish returned so that an accurate figure for the total number caught and released can be achieved.

A picture (Photo by William Simpson) of last weeks water spout as it approaches the Rednock shore. The water spout (a tornado that forms over warm water) dropped down from the cloud, roaring like an aircraft and drew spray up from the surface of the Lake. The twister was about 20yards/feet? across where it touched the water, which suggests that the spiralling windspeeds would have been in the gale force range and that the tornado could be classified as “light”. Tornados are not rare at Menteith, as this is at least the second twister here in as many years. For tornadoes to develop they need a big temperature differential between the base of the thunder (or hail cloud in this instance) and the surface of the water. The Lakes ability to heat up quickly probably maximises this differential. Safety advice is to move away at right angles to the path of the tornado. The greatest danger is apparently from flying debris.

Glenkinchie Boat League - 2nd June (D.Fraser)
On a warm night 32 anglers caught a total of 58 fish for 126 lb 3oz. There were quite a few fish moving and a lot of the anglers were playing dropsy with the fish. The man to keep a hold of his fish, while all around were loosing their’s was Andy McKay with 6 fish for 15 lb 11oz. He was fishing up in Gateside Bay using a Golden Olive Damsel and a Snatcher on a slow glass line. Second was Paul Owen, he had one more fish than Andy but his 7 fish weighed in at 13lb 14oz. Paul was fishing out in the middle of the road shore, using an Orange Blob and a Daiwl Bach on a DI-3 line. Third was 2002 winner Jim McBride who had 4 fish for 9lb 2oz, he was also fishing out in the middle of the road shore using a Cruncher. Jim McBride is now the new league leader.

Scottish Club Championships and Daily Record Champion of Champions – 5th June Eve
The 54 anglers caught 60 fish for 159lbs.
1st Hedgehogs (J.Cowan, C.Cowan, S.Malcolmson) 10 fish 26lb 3oz
2nd Falkirk Fly Dressers (P.Thomson, W.Roy, C.Martin) 5 fish 19lbs 2oz
3rd Saturday AC (K.McCabe, G.Walder, R.Ewing) 7 fish 18lbs 2oz
Top 4 Individuals qualifying for the Champions Final were 1st P.Thomson (Falkirk Fly) – cages, 2nd K.McCabe (Sat AC), 3rd T.Steven (Heriots) also heaviest fish (7lbs 13oz), 4th C.Cowan (Hedgehogs). The winning club, winning individual and the captor of the heaviest fish all received bottles of Bowmore Single Malt.

SANA Open Heats - 7th June Eve:
44 anglers caught 97 trout for 252lbs. Cut off for Pair qualification was 8lbs 2oz and for singles 5lbs 10oz. Top Pair was J.Wright & T.Taggart with 8 for 23lbs 15oz and top single was A.Mair with 8 fish for 21lbs 6oz.