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Report for week ending 6th July
Temperature at 6ft 16.5C; Clarity 2.8.

This week has been very unsettled with a lot of wind, but it hasn’t stop people catching a lot of fish. There are also big Daphnia blooms and a lot of pinhead roach fry near the top of the water. The fish are still getting caught in cage bay, Malling shore, hotel bay and 200 yards out from International bay. Patterns that are doing well include Cats whisker, the cormorant, green Daiwl bachs, orange blobs and small buzzers. The evening boats seam to have to wait till about 10pm before the fish start to get caught, so stick it out!
June was a very busy month with over 4 tonnes of fish caught with an average of 2.75lb. There was 304 fish recorded as caught and returned manly due to practice day for the competitions.
This week saw a Scotland select take on an English select. It was a close result with Scotland having 51 fish for 127lb 1oz, but even thought England had 3 fewer fish they had the bigger ones with there 48 fish weighing in at 127lb 14oz. The top rod was England’s Chris McLeud with 7 fish 22lb 2oz. Top Scottish rod was Willie Horne with 8 fish for 21lb 6oz.

Glenkinchie boat league
The top rod for the evening was David Downie who caught 8 fish for 22lb 4oz. David caught his fish in Cages Bay using a DI 3 with an international size white cat booby on the point fishing a slow figure of eight retrieve. Second on the evening with another notable catch was J Litster who caught 6 fish for 18lb 6oz from behind Dog Island and out of Hotel Bay, James was using a Daiwl Bach. Jim Hunter caught largest fish on the night with a fish of 3lb 5oz.
Other rods with good catches were K. Sichi 4 fish for 12lb, G Fleming 5 fish 15lb 15oz. An analysis of the most popular methods all seemed to involve DI 3’s, white cats, boobies and Daiwl Bachs and the top fishing area was again Cages Bay
Bottles of Glenkinchie were won by Dave Downie for the largest bag. the largest fish bottle went to Jim Hunter.
Jim Litster has regained the top slot with Dave Downie now moving into second place not fishing.
Friday saw the last of the Scottish national semi finals with 29 anglers taking part. Top rod of the day was Billy Dewar (Newton Mearns AC) he had his limit of 8 fish for 20lb 12oz up in cage bay using a cat booby on a DI-3 line. 2nd was Dougie MacGilp (Lochgilphead AC) with 8 fish for 17lb 14oz. 3rd was Simon Cocker (Walton AC) 7 fish for 17lb 5oz. 13 qualified in all with Frank Boggie (Helensburgh AC) being lat to qualify with his 5 fish for 11lbs.

Scottish Club Championships Heat no 9
The 18 3 man teams caught 85 fish for 171lb 1oz. Sana competitions ( Jim Hunter, Kenny Miller, Iain Earle) walked away with the heat with 18 fish for 38lb 11oz. 2nd club was Horrywood AC (P Temple, G Inglis, C Marsano) with 11 fish for 19lb 2oz. 3rd club was Strathgryffe AC (N Sinclair, K Finlaystone, R Murray) 8 fish 17lb 13oz. Top individual was Jim Hunter (SANA) 8 fish for 16lb 3oz. 2nd was Kenny Miller (SANA) 5 fish 11lb 13oz. 3rd was Iain Earle (SANA) 4 fish 10lb 11oz. 4th was Neil Sinclair (Strathgyffe) 4 fish 8lb 13oz. Heaviest fish of the night was 3lb 13oz caught by Iain Earle (SANA). So all the Bowmore Whiskey goes to SANA.