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Report for week ending 2nd August 2004
Temperature at 6ft 20C; Clarity 3m

In July, the average number of fish caught per boat was 3.6, with an average boat bag weight of 7lbs 7oz. Average fish weight for June and July was 2.7lbs and 2.1lbs respectively. For the first time these figures include fish caught and released, roughly 10% of the total monthly catch. The average number of fish caught per boat in July was 11-12% up on last year.

The water is currently warm, 20C at 6ft (Gateside) and clarity is good (3m on the secchi disk). The fish have recently gone deep and are still deep but dispersed, which makes things fairly difficult for the angler. If the warm spell continues the fish usually congregate over 2 or 3 of the deep holes (e.g. Road shore, Gateside bay and South and East of the Inch), which helps in locating the fish. Some anglers have had limit bags recently fishing the lee shore (where the water is considerably cooler – when there is a breeze) with nymphs and buzzers on a floating line.

Scottish Club Championships Evening Heat no 13 – 31st July
On a very warm night, the 19 three man teams caught 28 fish for 54lbs. The three teams to progress to the semifinals were; Edinburgh Trout Anglers, Kilmarnock AC and Stirling Castle AC. Top individuals through to the Daily Record Champion of Champions were David Bonnington (Edinburgh Trout Anglers), John Budge (Kilmarnock AC), Fereno Bene (Ferranti) and Ken Wood (Edinburgh Trout Anglers). Heaviest fish of the night was 2lb 10oz caught by D.Bonnington. The winning team, best individual and captor of the heaviest fish all received bottles of Bowmore Whisky.

Glenkinchie Boat league – by Alberto Laidlaw.
28th July Evening. 25 anglers caught 72 fish for 139lbs. Probably the warmest evening of the year so far, the car said it was 19 degrees and there was a good breeze blowing from the South East, expectations of big bags were high, as it turned out 25 anglers caught 72 fish with three limit bags and yet again David Downie did the job! and with the absence of Jim Litster has extended his lead at the top of the board, maybe the two of them should fish together next week being the final evening.
Gregor Fleming fished the Sillage Pits area and using a sink tip caught using black, orange and olive nymphs he had caught 7 of his total by 8.30 pm, his boat partner Paul Owen also caught the largest on the night of 3lb 1oz by the fence on the Malling Shore on a black nymph. John Kaye used a slow glass with a booby on the top dropper and Daiwl Bachs below, taking 4 in Hotel Bay. Renowned fair weather fisherman George MacKenzie used boobies and DI -3 to tempt his fish.
The leader board is still close with Dave Downie at the top with 142lb 6oz and Jim Litster second with 119lb 9oz John Kaye quietly is in third with 106lb 2oz, G Fleming is now in 4th place there is still a lot to fish for, so next week should be interesting. Bottles of Glenkinchie were awarded to John Kaye for her heaviest bag and Paul Owen for his fish of 3lb 1oz.

Trossachs Boat League
This newly founded get together involves four clubs; Bridge of Allan 76, Callander AC, Gartmore and Trossachs AC - four teams of four anglers. Two venues were fished twice each – the Lake and Loch Venacher. The winners of the First Trossachs League were Bridge of Allan ’76, who drew with Callander in terms of the total number of fish caught but won on weight.