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22th to 28th April (incl) 2003

A return to showery colder weather was very welcome as the water was required in the stock rearing ponds and in the Lake – which reached its lowest level for many years. Just about everything is now in place for the summer – rain, midges, cuckoos, bats, swallows - and the geese have left for Iceland. Average catch rates have been high (6-8 fish per boat for 12 to 16lbs) and more reminiscent of what we expect in May. Visibility continues to improve and the latest secchi disk reading was 2.4m (9ft) with a water temperature at 6ft of 12.5C. The perch are spawning, the grey daphnia are currently on the wane and fly life is beginning to show (midge, sedge and olives) – so buzzers are now effective. Pulling lures with an intermediate line is still the order of the day. Popular lures have been the orange blob, humungus, dog nobbler, dancer, Kate Lure Booby and cat. All areas of the Loch are now holding fish and the best catches have recently come from the Heronry and Malling Shore.

The first night of the Glenkinchie Boat League has been changed to Tues 20th May, the remaining league evenings will be held on Wednesdays..


Club Results and other Notable Catches

22nd April: The Troutmaster fish off was closely fought with 11 anglers landing 67 fish for 129lbs – including five limit bags. First place and qualifying for the final at Grafham was Raymond Anderson of Glenrothes (pictured left) with 8 fish for 17lbs 13oz. Raymond was fishing the Dog Isle with a slime line and a cat. Congratulations to 12yr old Sean Jones from Wales who landed 5 fish for 9lbs.Other limit bags on the day went to Jones senior and Buchanan. 23rd April: C.Nesbit (Helensburgh) had 11 fish for 21lbs on a Kate Lure Booby and McGinlay and Griffin (Glasgow) had 14 for 25lbs with a white cat. 24th April: Ramage and Smith (Alva) 15 fish for 31 pounds. 25th April: D.Paterson 7 fish for 17lbs. 26th April: Newmarket AC (6 boats) 26 fish for 53lbs, Sichi/Donald 15 fish for 35lbs, Stanley AC (8 boats) 76 fish for 143lbs, Thack AC (6 boats) 57 fish for 137lbs, NorHet AC of Edinburgh (6 boats) 27 fish for 52lbs. 27th April: Clarke 15 fish for 32lbs, Leslie Llanar AC (5 boats) 39 fish for 73lbs, Denny and District (7 boats) 50 fish 81lbs, Cambusbarron AC (5 boats) 41 fish for 85lbs. 28th April: Smith/Costa (Livingston) 15 fish for 29lbs. Hassan/Shadick 15 for 26lbs.

Best regards from Quint Glen