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Fishery Report: 19th-26th August 2003-08-19

Water temperature is steadily dropping and now reads 18C at 6ft, with clarity still good at 2.5m. It has been another good week with some clubs (e.g. Fife Police AC) reporting their best ever catch at the Lake. This time of year (after the hot spell) can be difficult to predict by the advanced booker, but can be relied upon to bring good catches. The cooler water has resulted in fish spreading out into the shallower water. Hotel Bay, the Rednock Shore and the Malling Shore are currently the successful drifts being reported by the anglers. Fish have been most readily found with an intermediate or floating line. Perhaps the most fruitful flies have been the drowned daddy, diawl bach, epoxy buzzers and the ever tried lure variants. Around four cormorants arrived from the coast (?) this week, bringing the total to around 5-6 birds.

Club Results and other Notable Catches
19th August: Edinburgh Trout Anglers 8 boats 87 fish for 188lbs, S.Docherty (Fort William) 7 fish for 16lbs 2oz, W.Ramage and W.Smith (Alva) 15 fish for 33lbs.
20th August: Fife Police 6 boats 62 fish for 167lbs, Dundee West End (6 boats) 28 fish for 60lbs, Gartmore AC (4 boats) 7 fish for 17lbs.
22st August: Rowbank AC (11 boats) 50 fish for 100lbs, Midlothian Anglers (4 boats) 16 fish for 37lbs. Grangemouth AC (8 boats) 46 fish for 97lbs.
23rd August: Basords (3 boats) 26 fish for 60lbs, Gartmore AC (6 boats) 16 fish for 38lbs, Roche AC (4 boats) 54 fish for 122lbs. W.Fulton 15 fish for 35lbs.
24th August: Ferry Fly Dressors 16 fish for 37lbs, Aberdour (10 boats) 31 fish for 63lbs

Quint Glen (Mgr)