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Fishery Report: 20th May to 25th May 2003
Water temperature at 6ft has risen to 14C - a bit of heat and some more settled weather have coincided with a marked increase in clarity, which is now 3m. The extra clarity and the abundance of natural feed on offer (pinhead perch/roach fry, midges galore, mayfly and alder fly) have made things easier for the fish in recent days. The static buzzer or PTN nymph on a floating/intermediate line has been most effective (black/green). Productive areas this week have included Lochend, Kates Brae, Road Shore, Hotel Bay and International Bay, with quite a few fish of 4-5lbs in the baskets.

Club Results and other Notable Catches

20th May: National Fly Fishing Championship Prelim. 26 boats landed 203 fish for 382lbs. Best results came from Orange Blobs and White, Olive or Black mini lures on a Hi D or Di 3. Best basket was J Watson, Irvine&Dist with 8 for 18lbs, one of 7 limit bags. Weight to qualify was 6lb 12oz. In the evening the first outing of the Glenkinchie Boat League landed 43 fish from 11.5 boats. Top of the table is John Buchanan with 8 fish for 15lbs 2oz. John was using a white cat double. 21st May: Edinburgh Trout Anglers (10 boats) 62 fish for 109lbs.Kelvinside AC (4 boats – eve) 10 fish 19lbs.

22nd May: SANA National championship Prelim. 18 boats landed 63 fish for 108lbs. A difficult day, calm for the first hour then windy and squally. Best results came from Blobs and mini lures on sinking lines. Best basket was R Bow, Forth Valley with 7 for 11lb 13oz, next best baskets were 4 fish. Weight to qualify was 2lb 1oz. In the evening Callander AC caught 12 fish for 24lbs with 4 boats.

23rd May: Helensburgh AC (13 boats) 24 fish for 52lbs. Bank of Scotland (8 boats) 33 fish for 65lbs, CIBA (7 boats) 8 fish for 14lbs.

24th May: Bank of Scotland (5 boats) 21 fish for 41lbs, Scotsman AC (4 boats) 17 fish for 32lbs, ABCD AC (6 boats) 34 fish for 104lbs, Rowbank (11 boats) 41 fish for 89lbs. In the evening the 51 anglers taking part in the Scottish Interclub Championships caught 62 fish weighing 140lbs. The winning 3 man team was Wellington AC with 9 fish for 16lbs 10oz, 2nd Grizzle Cats (A) with 8 fish for 16lbs 6oz and 3rd were Thistle (B) with 7 fish for 12lbs 14oz. These clubs go forward to the semi-final on the 12th September. The heaviest fish (4lb 4oz) was caught by D. Graham of West of Scotland. Most productive angler on the night was fishing a floating line with red/green buzzers in International Bay. The winner of the Champion of Champions will be available in the competitions sponsor – the Daily Record, and also at this site on Fridays. The winning club, best individual and heaviest fish all received Bowmore Whisky. Teams competing on Saturday 31st May are: Beith St.Inans AC, Blairgowrie Rattray A, Bridge of Allan ’76 B, Butcher Boys, Caley Liners, Dalziel Steelworks, Duns, Edin Alliance, Falkirk flydressers B, Greenock and Dist., IBM Freshwater, Invergowrie B, Loanhead and Dist, Neilston B, Roscobie Loch Dev, Scottish Lame Ducks, Strathclyde Police A, Strathleven Fly Fishers, Thack AC A, St.Serfs B.

25th May: Johnson Kilmarnock (2 boats) 15 fish for 37lbs. N.Berwick AC (9 boats) 24 fish 52lbs.

26th May: Tam Ward and Jim Davey 15 fish for 33lbs, Scottish Ladies International Team (6 boats) 19 fish for 36lbs.

Regards Quint Glen