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Fishery Report: 15th July to 21st July

Water temperature has risen to a seasonal high of 22C at 6ft and clarity has remained at 2.1m. The week started with bright sun and east wind and ended with a heavy downpour. With the high temperatures the fish remained in the deeper waters i.e. Gateside bay, heronry, road shore (2 to 3 hundred yards out). The rain should cool thing down a bit and bring the fish nearer the surface. Fly’s that are doing well include booby’s, red headed cats, damsel nymphs, Diawl Bach.

Club Results and other Notable Catches
15th July: The Anglian water/Fuller mill held their first heat today, the eight six man teams caught 70 fish for 141lb 14oz. The top team was Team sunburst with 15fish for 30lds 7oz. 2nd: IBM freshwater A.C. with 13 fish for 27lbs 11 oz. 3rd: Dunoon & District with 12 fish for 24lbs 5½oz, the last tem to qualify was Craufurdland fly fishers A.C. with 10 fish for 20 lbs 1½oz. The top rod was Ken McIntosh (IBM freshwater A.C.) with 6 fish for 13lbs. He caught them on a size 14 black & green buzzers on an intermediate line in international bay. The heaviest fish was 2lb 14 oz caught by Harry hill (IBM freshwater A.C.)
The winning team (Team Sunburst)
(From L to R) D McPhail, G McGregor, C Scarf, P Thomson, G Frew, I Wilson.






In the evening Mr lee & Mr R Fitzpatrick caught 7 fish for 17lb on CDCs in the heronry.

16th July: Mr Glasgow (Edinburgh) 6fish 12¾lbs.Mr Fairburn (Helensburgh) 6fish 13lbs. The Ninth night of the Glenkinchie Boat League was a hard night with 21 anglers landing 16 fish for 34lbs 5oz. Top rod Kenny Miller received a bottle of Glenkinchie for his 3 fish for 7lbs 6oz - caught on a Sedge. The second bottle went to Mick Moran with a 13oz brownie. A. Ronald remains top of the table.

17th July: The first of 2 heats of the Fishtech team challenge was won by Soldier Palmers (J kettles, G Sharp, J Gardner, I Henderson) with 26 fish for 65lbs 11oz (with time bonus’s); the top rod was J Gardner (soldier Palmers) 8 fish for 22lbs12oz (4lb 8oz time bonus). Heaviest fish was 2lb 14oz caught by D O’Neil. The second team to go to the final of Rutland water is Heriots F.P. AC with 9 fish 20 lb 14oz. The fire services were out in the evening (16 boats) 13 fish 26lb10 oz.

18th July: The 2nd heat of the Fishtech team challenge was won by Aberdeen district A.A. (M Cordiner, E McKay, K Riddell, P Toseland) with 6 fish for 15lbs 1oz. the top rod was M Cordiner (Aberdeen district) 3 fish for 7lbs 11oz. Heaviest fish was 4lb 5oz caught by P Toseland (Aberdeen district). The other teams to go to the final of Rutland water are Dry Flies 6 fish 12lb 10oz and Edinburgh Platinum Flyfishers, 4 fish 9lb 3oz.

19th July: Thack (6 boats) 49 fish 117lb 4 oz. Scotsman (4 boats) 9 fish 19lb 11oz. D Bonnington (Edinburgh) 10 fish 22lbs.On Saturday evening the 57 anglers taking part in the 11th heat of the Scottish Interclub Championships caught 63 fish weighing 149lbs. The winning team was Heriots FP B with 11 fish for 24lbs 9oz, 2nd were Lochgelly with 8 fish for 18lbs 11oz and 3rd was Central Scotland Police with 5 fish for 13lbs 11oz. The heaviest fish (5lb) was caught by C Fraser of Central Scotland Police. Most fish came from the Gateside bay and best flies were the Booby’s on a Hi-D line Further details of the top 4 individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions will be available in the competitions sponsor – the Daily Record. Top four from last week were A Morrison (Heriots FP B 8 fish), L Barrie (Lochgelly 4 fish), M Leiper (St Mungos B 5 fish) and F Meechan (Ferry fly fishers 4 fish). The winning club, best individual and heaviest fish all received Bowmore Whisky. The following teams are competing on the 26th July: Ardrossan Eglington, Balbeggie A.C. A, Butcher Boy A.C. Craufurdland F.F., Creiff Fly Fishers A, Crown Fly Fishers, Dows A.C., Falkirk Kingfishers A.C., Glasgow Telephones, Glenrothes Kingfishers, ICI Angling Club, Neilson A.C.,

20th July: The heat wave ended with some heavy rain, Invergowrie 4boats 17 fish42lbs 12oz, hedgehogs 4 boats 9fish 19lb 9oz, Pinkertons6boats 15fish 31lbs 8oz Aberlour AA 9 boats 16 fish 34lbs 13oz.