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Fishery Report: 14th - 20th October.
A week of bright sunshine and cold nights reduced the water temperature at 6ft from 11C to 9C. In the same time clarity has dropped from 3.5 to 2.3m. The main news of the week has been the weight of fish coming off, and probably our heaviest bags of the season. On Wednesday, for example, 30 boats caught 173 fish for a staggering 622lbs – an average fish weight of 3lbs 10oz. We have 2-300 more of these 4 to 5 pounders and these will be stocked in the week commencing 21st October – our final stocking for the season. The bright weather and earlier clarity meant that the best bags tended to be taken a bit deeper using either a slime or a fast sinking line and lures or lure buzzer combinations. With a bit of cloud cover or fog there was a lot more surface activity and floating lines and diawl bachs were ideal as the fish were feeding on buzzers.

Prices for next year have been decided and will be increased in line with inflation – which effectively means only a pound on the permit prices – and the 2004 season will start on March 27th. More details to follow shortly here and at
The Glenkinchie Boat League presentation was on Sunday 19th and the prizes were presented by Isabelle Gardner (centre)– of the Glenkinchie Distillery. Over the 12 nights fished the forty anglers caught a total of 579 fish for 1215lb 4oz. The competiton was judged on the angler’s best 8 bags.
1st Alan Ronald (far left), an electricity engineer from Glasgow. His top 8 nights totalled 54 fish for 111lb14oz. He received a display plinth with bottles of the 6 classic malts and £130 of tackle vouchers for the Glasgow Angling Centre. 2nd David Paterson (Stenhousemuir) his top 8 nights totalled 49 fish for 99lb 7oz, he received tackle vouchers worth £110 from the Angling Centre Stirling.
3rd A. Wallace (Dunbar) his top 8 nights totalled 45 fish for 96lb 12oz, he received tackle vouchers worth £90 from Mikes tackle shop. Heaviest fish was caught by K. McCabe (Edinburgh)weighing in at 5lb 9oz. Ian Colligan received the prize for the angler who supported the league well but didn’t appear that interested in catching fish - a day’s fishing on the lake.
Special thank go to Wendy Mitchell for putting on a good buffet, Glenkinchie for their support and whisky tasting session, Iain Earle – the league co-ordinator, and to the anglers for their generous donation of £270 to the Aberfoyle Doctor’s Emergency Equipment fund. The league will start next year on Wednesday 19th May and will end on August 4th . The presentation will be on the 3rd October. Anyone who fished this year and who is not fishing it next year, could you please let us know as soon as possible, as we have a waiting list of people willing to take part.

Club Results and other Notable Catches
15th Oct: Esson & Leiper (C/bridge) 12 fish for 43lbs, J.McReady and M.Steen (Helensburgh) 10 fish for 39lbs, Curries B/Burn 9 fish for 36lbs, J.Law Motherwell 9 fish 26lbs, D.Paterson 7 for 23lbs, J.Dunbar 4 for 15lbs 14 returned. T.Ward (Cumnock) 12 for 34, W.Barnes (Glenrothes) 15 fish for 49lbs 11oz, Singer 6 fish for 22lbs, J.Horne 8 fish for 36lbs, Lewis/Buchanan 8 fish for 21lbs Gillespie and Black 6 for 22lbs. 16th Oct: McGee/Clarke 11 fish for 48lbs, Sichie/Donald 13 fish 44lbs. 17th Oct: Muckle (I+N) 8 fish for 25lbs, D.Inglis 12 fish 44lbs, J.Litster 13 fish 46lbs. 18th Oct: Bearsden (3 boats) 33 fish 69lbs, Thack (6 boats) 46 fish for 131lbs, Ferranti (5 boats) 26 fish for 81lbs. 19th Oct: EKAC (8 boats) 18 fish for 48lbs, Segdoune (10 boats) 31 fish 80lbs. 20th Oct: Morgan/McKenzie 15 fish for 42lbs.